Best Mattress for the Money : Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort

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BioFoam Makes for a Good Night’s Sleep

When I first read that this mattress was made with Sleep Master’s own special BioFoam I immediately grew excited. Over the years, I have become more and more aware of the dangers that a chemical environment can pose for our bodies. Did you know that there are chemicals hiding in our furniture, carpeting, and drapes (just to name a few household items)? I am not trying to scare you, here, but the truth is that prolonged exposure to too many of these chemicals simply isn’t good for us. As we watch more and more companies jump on board with finding healthy alternative options, I am happy to say that Sleep Master has done exactly that with this bed.

The specially designed BioFoam makes use of organic and inorganic materials to create a soft yet firm sleep surface that will form in your body. Though it is difficult (if not impossible) at this point to create a completely chemical-free mattress that will stand the test of time, Sleep Master has worked hard to use as many natural materials as possible in the creation of this bed. In fact, BioFoam’s special cooling ability comes from these natural materials.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort
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So Fresh and So Cool

A special mixture of natural plant oil and petroleum help to keep this mattress fresh. The plant oil is, in and of itself, naturally scented – it will help to combat natural body odors. These elements also help to keep your mattress (and your body) cool. Foam mattresses are naturally quite warm – even warmer than traditional spring-loaded mattresses. The density of the foam itself is what makes it difficult for air to travel through. People who suffer from night sweats or elevated sleeping body temperature have complained heavily about foam mattresses in the past. The infusion of plant oils and petroleum acts the same way that cooling gels work in other mattresses, helping to keep the body temperature even throughout the night by not allowing the mattress to store excess heat.

Three Comforting Layers

As you likely know from reading other articles on this website, foam mattresses are often made up of multiple layers. The type of layers, the number of layers, their thickness, their firmness, and their location in the overall layering of foams have a great impact on the overall comfort you will find when lying atop your mattress. This particular mattress has three layers of foam.

Ultima Comfort Foam LayersThe first layer (the one on the bottom) is a high-density, ultra-supportive base foam. This foam has less of a cooling ability but doesn’t need it, since the layers on top of it will stay cool regardless (and those are the ones closest to your body). It is the extreme density of this foam that keeps your mattress’s shape. Without this layer, your mattress would likely fold upon itself like a taco shell. The thickness of this foam will vary based on the height of the mattress you purchase. We’ll cover more information about the heights later.

The second layer is “pressure-relieving comfort foam.†This layer is much squishier than the base layer and actually conforms to the shape of your body. Since it is squishy, it will sink further down in the areas where your body is heaviest. This will help to keep your spine aligned and accommodate the hips and shoulders of side sleepers.

Although the second layer will help to relieve pressure on certain areas of your body, it will not provide optimal comfort on its own. Since the weight and pressure of a hip (for example) is so much more than the curve of your side, sleeping atop this type of foam may put undue stress on your side muscles since they will lack adequate support. This is where the top layer comes in – memory foam. This medium-density foam is made specially to puff up in the areas with the least pressure and to squish down in the area with more pressure – molding itself to your body’s unique shape.

So Many Size Options

Before I get too carried away with descriptions of the foam layers, let’s stop me so that I can talk to you about the multitude of size options when it comes to this mattress. You would think that this mattress, like most mattresses, is available in a twin, double/full, queen, and king. You would be correct, but you would only have about half of the answer. It is actually available in a larger variety of lengths and widths. You have the choice of a twin, an extra-long twin (for those people who like to combine two twin mattresses to create one king mattress), a double/full, a queen, a short queen (designed to fit into a trailer or motorhome), a king, and an extra-large California king.

It doesn’t end there, though. You also have a variety of choices when it comes to the height of this mattress. Let me tell you – the differences in height will affect the overall softness or firmness of the mattress in addition to simply making it stand taller on your bed, so consider that when you make your decision.

You can select a 6-inch thick mattress, an 8-inch, 10-inch, or 12-inch. The six-inch forgoes the middle layer of foam, making it one of the firmest options. It features only 4 inches of high-density foam as a base and 2 inches of memory foam at the top. The eight-inch mattress features 4 inches of high-density foam, 2 inches of mid-support comfort foam, and 2 inches of memory foam. A 5 inch, ultra-hard, high-density foam base, followed by 2 inches of comfort foam and 3 inches of memory foam make up the ten-inch option. The super-tall twelve-inch option layers 3 inches of memory foam atop 3 inches of comfort foam, followed by 6 inches of high-density foam.


It’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t be comfortable on one of these mattresses. There are so many options for size and layers that you are almost guaranteed to find one which will suit your needs for firmness, softness, and support.
The 6 inch mattress is sold separately here on Amazon, and the 8-Inch, 10-Inch, and 12-Inch mattresses can all be found here.

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