Going on a Road Trip? Here’s Some Music that You Can Bring

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A lot of us have been on a road trip to somewhere, whether it was somewhere with your friends or family. Music can be a great way to bring a vibe of what you want to do on that road trip. What kind of music makes you calm? What kind of music makes you pumped up? Is it music that is current, or something more classic? Well here’s the blog for it!

What sounds make you want to get pumped?

Now that you have an idea of what kind of sound may help you, here are some recommendations.

  • Fast-paced music with a lot of repetition and loud high notes (think: “Gangnam Style”)
  • Music that sounds similar to the heartbeat or drumbeat of someone running (think: “Danger Zone,” “Boom Boom Pow”)
  • Music with lots of brass instruments like trumpets or saxophones (think: “Black Magic Woman,” “Kingdom Come”)

It might be helpful to think about what kinds of songs make you want to get pumped up when selecting your playlist for the road trip.

What songs do you listen to that make you feel calm and relaxed?

“Music soothes the savage beast”

You might have heard this before, but it’s true! Music can help you relax and calm down. It can be soothing or energizing, depending on what kind of mood you are in at the time.

One way to help stay relaxed while driving is through listening to music. If you don’t normally listen to music when driving, now might be a good time to change that habit! Here are some tips for choosing calming songs:

What songs are really nostalgic for you?

What songs are really nostalgic for you? Are there certain ones that remind you of your childhood? A certain time in your life? A person or place that’s special to you? Or maybe a feeling or emotion that comes rushing back every time you hear them played on the radio.

It’s easy to think about the music we listen to when it comes up in conversation, but what about all those other times when things are quiet and we’re not thinking about anything else—what happens then? Do they still affect our moods without our awareness?

What songs are really current, that you listen to on a regular basis?

When you’re driving, there’s no better way to improve your mood than listening to music. But what songs are really current, that you listen to on a regular basis?

A great way to wake up in the morning is with some upbeat music that will get you going for the day ahead. You can put on your favorite radio station or make a playlist of songs that match your mood, but if you’re really looking for something new and fun (and most importantly) catchy enough to sing along with at full blast while driving down the highway at 80 mph, then look no further than Spotify’s “Singles” playlist. This playlist features individual tracks by artists who have never released an album before; it’s basically like hearing brand new songs from old favorites like Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamar — except they’ve never actually been released so they sound more fresh!

The best thing about this playlist is that it changes every week so there’s always something new waiting for us whenever we log in–plus each track can be listened to directly through Spotify itself rather than having its own webpage (which means fewer interruptions.)

Different sounds could bring different vibes into your life.

The next time you’re driving to a vacation spot, take the opportunity to play some music. You might discover that specific songs can help you feel more relaxed or alert when driving through different landscapes. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our travels, it’s that learning about new artists can be just as fun as seeing new places!

What kind of songs should you listen to on your trip? Well, it depends on what kind of mood you’re in. Some people enjoy listening to sad songs when they’re going through tough times; others prefer upbeat tracks for the same purpose. Regardless of what type of sounds make up your playlist, making sure that all possible types are represented will give any road trip an extra boost!

When planning out your soundtrack beforehand (or even during), remember these two main points: Find music that matches your current state-of-mind and also be open minded enough to try something new every once in awhile!


We all want to feel in control of our emotions. And, to some extent, we do have a lot of control over which ones we experience and how often. But if you’re like me and music is one of the things that makes you feel good, then this article was for you!

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