How to Make Foam Crafts for Beginners

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Making foam crafts is a fun and cheap way to have a great time with family and friends. There are so many different crafts you can make, it’s hard to know where to start! In this blog post, we’ll suggest five easy-to-start projects that are sure to get you started on your adventure into the world of foam crafting.

Foam Earrings

Foam earrings are a great craft to make with kids. The foam is easy to work with and can be shaped in several ways.


  • Foam in the shape of an earring (available at hobby stores)
  • Earring backs (available at hobby stores)
  • Needle-nose pliers or tweezers to hold the wire while you push it through the foam

Foam Bracelets

Foam bracelets are a great way to make a simple craft with your child. They can be made in any color and will look great on any wrist.

  • To make foam bracelets, you will need:
  • Foam sheets
  • Scissors
  • You simply cut out the desired shapes using scissors, then press them onto the skin of the hand or wrist. Once they are done being pressed down, they should stick!

Foam Wall Art

Foam wall art is a great way to decorate a child’s bedroom. It’s easy to make and hang, easy to remove and clean. Foam wall art can be used for any theme in your kids room such as sea creatures, dinosaurs or ocean life. You can even use foam crafts like this one as an alternative when you are decorating the nursery for your new baby!

The best part about using foam craft patterns for kids rooms is that you can easily personalize them with paint or markers!

Foam Wall Organizer

  • Use the foam board to make a wall organizer.
  • Step 1: Make a grid on your foam board by drawing lines horizontally, vertically, and diagonally across the board.
  • Step 2: Place items on your grid as desired and remove them when you’re done using them so that you can see everything clearly. The great thing about this organizer is that it’s removable so if you want to rearrange or clean up later on in the day or week, just pull off all of the pieces and put them back together when needed!

Homemade Stamps

Foam stamps are an inexpensive way to have fun with your kids, and they make a great activity for adults too. You can make your own foam stamps using old clothes or sheets. Here is how:

  • Cut the fabric into squares that are about 1 inch square.
  • Fold these squares in half and cut out a circle shape in the middle of them using a hole punch (this will be the impression you leave on paper).
  • Place this piece of fabric on top of some thick foam and trace around it with sharpie marker (this will be your stamp).

Crafts are a great way to have fun with children and friends

Crafts are a great way to have fun with children and friends

Crafts are a great way to express your creativity

Crafts are a great way to spend time with family and friends

Crafts are a great way to make new friends


Whether you’re looking for a new craft or just want to try something fun with the kids, foam crafts are a great option. They’re inexpensive and easy to find, which makes them ideal for those on a budget or looking for something quick and simple. You can also use them in various ways: as decorations, organizers, earrings, bracelets – the possibilities are endless! So if you’re feeling stuck at home and need some entertainment during these times of social distancing then give this blog post about how to make foam crafts for beginners a read today!

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