A few months ago I decided it was time to take those nasty niggles in my back and shoulders in hand and do something about it. I must admit, I paid a visit to the doctor even though the pain was mild. You know, just in case. The first question I was asked is “how old is your mattress?”

When I answered that I couldn’t remember, this earned me a fair lecture on the importance of posture when you’re sleeping and that I really should think about making a change. I was given some advice on where to start, but I know not everyone has this luxury. That’s when my journey began and after a lot of research, I discovered the wonder of memory foam mattresses.

Of course, I have my own favorite which you will find reviewed here, but I thought that after all the things I had learned why should I keep them to myself, and that’s why you see this little creation before you today.

So, what you have isn’t just a collection of reviews on various memory foam mattresses, but a good smattering of informational pages that will help you understand the importance of having a surface to sleep on that’s good for your posture. I’m very proud of the fact that all the information you find here is honest, to the point and WILL NOT attempt to coerce you into buying something that might not suit your needs.

In fact, you could even look upon my website as a good source of information so you know what step to take next. I hope you enjoy what you find here, and I also hope that you manage to at last find a mattress that helps stop all that tossing and turning during the night and keep those aches and pains at bay!