All You Need Is dura foam

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Being a sales rep for dura foam, I have learned many things about the foam mattress. Did you know that it was discovered by accident in a lab? It’s true! Scientists were trying to develop rubberized material to cover the decks of ships, but when they tested the foam on people they found out it made one of the greatest mattresses ever known to man. Learn more about why you should get a foam mattress in this blog post. I hope you like it and find it informative.

All You Need Is dura foam

All you need is dura foam. Dura foam is the best foam mattress, because it is the best foam mattress.

The Story of The Foam Mattress

The history of the foam mattress is a fascinating one. Foam mattresses are a relatively new invention, though they have been around for several decades now. The foam mattress was invented in 1960 by an inventor named Fred Bock who had previously worked with NASA and Boeing to develop materials used in airplanes.

Bock saw how well these materials performed in such harsh conditions and decided that he could apply them to the bedding industry. His first prototype, which he called “The Orthopedic Bed,” was made from polyurethane foam that had been molded into shapes like egg crates and then placed under sheets of fabric so it wouldn’t be seen through any gaps between them (this would later change). He received patents for his first few versions over time until he finally settled on one design which has become what we know today as “foam mattresses.”

This type of mattress is often referred to as “memory foam” because after being compressed under weight from lying down on it, the material will return back into its original shape once more weight isn’t applied anymore; this makes it ideal for those who sleep hot or suffer from back pain because it provides support without sacrificing comfortability like traditional spring coils do when pressure is applied against them during rest periods throughout each night’s slumber cycle — but don’t forget about all those other benefits!

Why Should You Buy A Foam Mattress?

There are a number of reasons why you should buy a foam mattress, including:

  • They’re affordable. Foam mattresses are the least expensive option on the market right now and they offer great value for money. If you don’t have much to spend on a new bed then this is definitely the type of mattress for you. You can find something that will last for years without breaking the bank!
  • They’re comfortable. Many people say that foam mattresses are just as comfortable as those with springs or coils because they offer excellent support while still being soft enough to sleep on comfortably during the night time hours when your body needs rest more than anything else in order to function properly during its day-to-day activities such as work/school or even just relaxing at home after work has been completed successfully without any problems whatsoever (which no one likes dealing with).
  • They’re durable: Foam mattresses tend not break down easily over time like springs do; instead they retain their shape well because they contain little pockets throughout each layer where pressure points would normally occur during usage which keeps them from bending under pressure too easily causing damage within weeks rather than months so long-term durability isn’t an issue here either since these types won’t wear out quickly enough where you start noticing wear patterns after only two weeks worth usage (as long as nothing happens during those first seven days).

What are the pros and cons of a foam mattress?

A foam mattress has many benefits, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. If you’re considering purchasing a foam mattress, these are some things to keep in mind:

  • In general, foam is firm and offers more support than other types of mattresses.
  • Foam mattresses typically have higher quality foams than other spring or air beds. Therefore they tend to feel more comfortable when sleeping on them than other types of mattresses. Additionally, they are often less expensive than their counterparts because of this high quality material being used in their construction process (after all you get what you pay for). This makes them ideal choices if you want a nice bed but don’t want to spend too much money on one yet don’t mind sacrificing comfort either!
  • Depending on how heavy your frame is compared with other frames that might be similar size dimensions; this may effect overall comfort levels while sleeping at night time due mostly due again because comfort ratings tend towards subjective experience rather than objective measures like density measurements which indicate whether something feels soft or hard based solely upon how much pressure exists between two points without taking into account any extraneous factors such as body weight distribution etcetera.”

There are many reasons for buying a foam mattress.

The most obvious reason for buying a foam mattress is that it’s the best quality for your money. Foam mattresses are typically cheaper than other types of mattresses, but still provide great comfort and durability. They’re also better for the environment than other types of mattresses.

Foam mattresses have several advantages over traditional spring or coil-based ones. First of all, they tend to be more comfortable due to their ability to conform to your body shape as you sleep (unlike spring or coil systems). If you prefer memory foam over latex—or if you have back pain—a foam mattress may be especially helpful in reducing pressure points that cause discomfort while lying on top of rigid coils or springs!

Secondly, since memory foam is cheaper than many other materials used in traditional bed frames/mattresses (such as steel coils), this material can often bring down costs significantly when compared against competitor products such as Tempurpedic® brand beds which cost roughly $2k+. You won’t find anything like this price point when shopping around locally either – so why not invest now?


In conclusion, you should really consider buying a foam mattress. It’s the best kind of mattress for your money. They’re comfortable, affordable and last longer than other mattresses. You can even find them in a variety of colors! So what are you waiting for? Go buy one today!

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