Custom-Cut Memory Foam for Your Bed

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If you want to sleep well, memory foam is the way to go. But what if you don’t have a mattress that fits your bed frame? Or what if your mattress is too small or too big for the frame it’s sitting on? In these situations, cutting custom-size pieces of memory foam may be the best solution. And thankfully, it’s not as hard as it sounds!

Why Buy Custom-Cut Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a great material for a mattress. It can be custom-cut to fit your mattress, and it’s ideal for anyone who needs support while they sleep. If you want to make sure that the memory foam you buy is going to fit your bed perfectly, here are three reasons why buying custom-cut memory foam is so beneficial:

  • Having a mattress with the right amount of firmness will help keep your spine aligned properly while you sleep. This can reduce or eliminate back pain, which is especially important if you have an existing injury or condition that makes it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep otherwise.
  • A well-fitting mattress will feel more comfortable than one that isn’t quite right—and it may even improve how much REM sleep (the deepest phase) you get as well!
  • Since not all beds are made equal, having custom cut yourself some new padding means that you won’t have to settle for something generic when there’s something better out there waiting just around corner

Where to Buy Memory Foam That Can Be Custom Cut?

You have your memory foam and you have the tools to cut it exactly how you want it. But where do you get the memory foam that can be custom cut?

There are a few options for buying memory foam online, but we recommend going with [company name]. They offer high-quality, USA-made memory foam that is not only available in different thicknesses, but also in different densities and firmnesses. This means that no matter what type of sleeping surface or personal preference you have, they will be able to accommodate your needs while still maintaining the same high quality they’re known for!

How Do I Cut Memory Foam?

The first step in cutting memory foam is to determine the size of your bed. This will guide you in choosing how much memory foam to buy and where to place it. Depending on the size of your mattress, you may need anywhere from one or two inches all the way up to four or five inches of custom-cut memory foam. The best way to do this is by measuring it by hand with a ruler and then using those measurements for your calculations. You can also use an electric carving knife, a hot wire knife, or a serrated blade with a straight edge.

Cutting Memory Foam to Size With a Serrated Blade and Straight Edge

When it comes to cutting your memory foam to size, there are a few options. One method is to use a serrated blade and straight edge. You’ll need a piece of cardboard or another material that you can use as your straight edge.

  • Draw a line down the center of each side of the foam sheet you want to cut.
  • Carefully cut down both lines using your serrated knife in long, smooth strokes from top to bottom without stopping at all (this will prevent jagged edges). The goal here is not precision but rather speed and efficiency—the more smoothly and quickly you can work, the better! When finished with one side, flip over the sheet and repeat for other half until it has been fully cut into two separate pieces.

Cutting Memory Foam With an Electric Carving Knife

If you’re looking for the best tool to cut your memory foam, the electric carving knife is a great option. It’s easy to use and safe for anyone to operate.

Just be sure that when using this tool, you wear safety glasses and gloves at all times. The foam will splinter and create little pieces that can fly off if they’re not contained properly while cutting.

Cutting Memory Foam With a Hot Wire Knife

A hot wire knife is a tool that’s used to cut memory foam. This tool cuts the memory foam in a straight line, so you’ll want to be sure to measure your mattress or mattress cover before buying the foam to ensure that you have enough for your project.

Once you’ve measured everything and decided on how much memory foam you need, it’s time to start cutting! The first step is using an electric drill with a pilot hole bit (a slightly larger size than the actual blade) and drilling holes into each corner of where you want your piece of memory foam cut out from. Then take some masking tape and tape around those corners so nothing gets cut accidentally.

You can cut memory foam with the right tools.

You can easily cut memory foam with the right tools. You just need a serrated blade, an electric carving knife, or a hot wire knife. These are the same tools that you would use to cut apart your couch or coffee table if you wanted to customize it.

As long as you have one of these three items with you when shopping for custom-cut memory foam, then go ahead and buy it online!


We hope you enjoyed learning about the different options for custom cutting your memory foam. It’s a simple process, and it can save you money on expensive bedding. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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