Does Your Home Need New Flooring? Consider The Unexpected Benefits of urethane foam

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If you’ve ever lived in a house with hardwood floors, you know how loud they can be. The sound of footsteps and dropped objects reverberates off the walls, which can make keeping any sort of secret (or peace) almost impossible.

It Makes Your Home More Quiet

You probably don’t think about your floor as a source of sound, but it can be. If you have a squeaky floor or one that is noisy when someone walks on it, then you know all too well how distracting that can be. Urethane foam is an excellent choice for homes with a lot of foot traffic and children because its soft texture and dampening features make sounds less noticeable.

Urethane foam also makes your home more comfortable to live in by reducing the impact on your joints when walking around the house. This makes it especially good if you have elderly family members who struggle with joint pain or those who have trouble moving around easily due to back problems, arthritis or other health issues

It Gives You a Better Base for Paint

Not only will urethane foam give you better coverage and a brighter finish, it will also make your paint last longer.

This is because the urethane foam acts as a barrier between the concrete floor and the paint, which means that when it comes to cleaning your home after painting, there’s less chance of dirt or grime sticking to the surface of your newly-painted room.

It’s a Quick Way to Renovate on a Budget

Laying flooring down before painting a room is an easy, quick way to give your home a much-needed facelift. It’s also a great budget-friendly solution that can be done by anyone in just one day.

If your walls are painted and you’ve already chosen your new color palette, then it’s time to lay down some flooring! The good news is that this process can be done in less than four hours—with most of that time spent waiting for the adhesive to dry.

It Adds Insulation

Urethane foam is a great insulator, so you can expect it to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. If you live in an area where the temperature fluctuates significantly, urethane foam might be just what you need to keep your home comfortable all year round.

The average residential home has roughly 25 windows and 15 doors, which means that if all of those are covered with 1/2″ of urethane foam, it would add approximately R-30 worth of insulation to each room. That can make a big difference when it comes to energy costs—especially when you factor in how much less air conditioning or heating (or both) will be required because of this added insulation.

The cost per square foot varies depending on the thicknesses available for purchase but averages about $4-$12 per square foot for 1/2″ thick urethane foam boards and $10-$20 per square foot for 5/8″ thick boards. Expect installation costs about 20% higher than this amount since there’s usually some labor involved as well as materials like nails or screws needed to secure them into place.

Laying urethane foam before painting or wallpapering adds functionality and style to your home.

Laying urethane foam before painting or wallpapering adds functionality and style to your home. It makes your home more quiet, gives you a better base for paint, is a quick way to renovate on a budget, and adds insulation.

You can even find ways to incorporate different colors into your design! For example: you can use vinyl tile sheets that have been cut into shapes like paisley or geometric patterns. These are then glued down onto the flooring with an adhesive spray. You could also use stencils or stickers in fun patterns ranging from stripes to flowers and other shapes!


Laying urethane foam down before painting or wallpapering a room is quite affordable and easy. It can do wonders for your home by adding insulation, creating a quieter home, and giving you the perfect base for your paint job. It’s also a great way to quickly renovate without doing major work like replacing drywall. We hope this blog has given you some ideas on how urethane foam can benefit your home!

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