How To Use Styrofoam for Decoration

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Styrofoam is great for so many things. It can be used to deliver some tasty treats, it can be used to keep your barbecue hot, and it even helps a lot of people make their home more comfortable. But did you know that styrofoam can also be used for decoration? Styrofoam balls and sheets are great for wall decorations because they’re light and easy to cut into any shape or size. They’re also inexpensive! Here’s how I went from wanting an interesting wall decoration…

Styrofoam balls.

Styrofoam balls are a great way to add color, texture and depth to your project. They can be used to create a snow globe effect in a glass jar or vase, or you can use them to create snowflakes out of paper. Styrofoam balls can also be made into an adorable snowman by adding some pipe cleaners and buttons.

However you decide to use styrofoam balls, they’re sure to make any project more fun!

Styrofoam sheets.

You can also use styrofoam sheets to create other three-dimensional decorations. To do this, glue the pieces together with hot glue and place them on the wall. Make sure that your hot glue gun is set to a low temperature and that you don’t accidentally melt the wall!

Glue gun (or wood glue).

A glue gun is a helpful option when it comes to gluing polystyrene together. It’s best to use a glue gun with a fine tip, but you can also get away with using one of medium size. If you don’t have one already, I recommend buying one. They’re relatively inexpensive and will make this project much easier for you.

If you prefer not to use an adhesive, or if your styrofoam pieces are too large for the glue gun (or any other tool), try using wood glue instead! Wood glue works just as well on polystyrene as it does on wood, so there’s no reason why it won’t work here either.

I’m sure there are plenty more ways that people have found success in attaching their Styrofoam pieces together—so if neither of these methods feel right for what you’re trying to do then don’t worry! Keep experimenting until something works out well enough 🙂

Make sure you use the right glue!

Make sure you use the right glue!

If you are attaching styrofoam sheets to a wall, wood glue is not recommended. While wood glue will bond with plastic, it does not adhere well to styrofoam. The reason has to do with the properties of each material: Styrofoam is porous and does not have an even surface; it’s also flexible, which allows for the absorption of moisture and therefore makes it susceptible to warping over time. Wood glue will dry out quickly in these conditions, causing mottling or cracking that can be difficult or impossible to remove. Further complicating this process is that styrofoam shrinks as it dries out—which means that once your project has been glued together using wood glue there’s no going back (you’ll end up tearing apart your masterpiece). Instead use hot glue gun sticks on both sides of each piece before gluing them onto your wall or board!


Hopefully, our tips have helped you find a way to decorate your home with styrofoam. Remember: it’s all about creativity and having fun!

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