So you need high density foam for sofa cushions? Get professional help here

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You’ve been searching high and low for the perfect sofa cushions, but they’re just not quite right. Maybe they need more foam to make them sit comfortably on your couch. Maybe you want to change up the shape of the foam so that it fits better in your furniture. Whatever you’re looking for, there are many different kinds of foam to choose from for your furniture cushions. Here’s how:

You can buy foam online and cut it yourself.

You can buy foam online. You can cut it yourself. You can also buy foam that is already cut to size, or already formed (like I did), or already covered (which is something I think I’m going to try next). The point is: if you want high density foam and have no idea what the hell you’re doing, there are options out there that will help you out!

It was a little overwhelming at first because there were so many options—all of which looked like they would work and all of which had their own advantages. But once I narrowed down my choices with a few simple questions (what kind of chair am I working on? how much time do I have?), it got easier and easier until finally bam! We had our cushions ordered from an e-tailer called Foam Mattress Store.

This is the part that takes skill and professional help.

This is where you need professional help. If you are not a master craftsman, this is going to be difficult for you. You need to know how to cut the foam, sew it into the cushions and make them look good. Maybe it’s possible for some people but for most of us, hiring professionals would work out better in terms of time and money spent on trying to do something that’s probably going to turn out poorly anyway.

You may have noticed that I’m not going into details about how to cut high-density foam or sew it onto your sofa cushion covers yet—that’s because these are all things that require skill in order for them not look like they were made by an amateur!

Get your cushions just the way you want them!

  • *Cut to the right size.* Selecting a foam that is too large or too small will make your cushions look awkward. To determine the size of your foam, measure the diameter of your cushion and add 2 inches. This will give you an approximate idea of what size foam will work best for you.
  • *Cut to the right shape.* There are many different styles of cushions available, including 16-gauge pillows (which are recommended), 18-gauge pillows (which offer more support than 16-gauge), and 20-gauge pads (these are usually used as decorative pads). The gauge refers to how many layers there are within each layer of material; thicker gauges mean more protection against wear and tear over time!
  • *Cut to the right depth.* You should always consider how deep each section needs to be before deciding on what kind of thickness would work best for those sections–you don’t want anyone sitting on their heads while watching TV because they couldn’t see over their armrests!

There are many different kinds of foam to choose from for your furniture cushions.

There are many different types of foam to choose from for your furniture cushions. Each has its own features and benefits, and the choice depends on what you need the cushion for.

The type of foam can make a big difference in how long it lasts, how well it holds up to use, and how much money it costs to purchase.

There are three general types: polyurethane foam, polyester foam and latex foam. Here’s a rundown on each type:

  • Polyurethane is a dense material that tends to hold its shape over time as it becomes more compressed (moldability). It’s best used in applications where durability is important because polyurethane has greater resistance than other types of foams available on the market today. There are two main types within this category: high-density (HD) or low-density (LD).
  • Polyester is another popular option when choosing between all three options above due to its ability reduce noise transmission between surfaces like glass-topped tables; however unlike HD & LD variants this type isn’t quite as durable under heavy use conditions such as sitting down on couches day after day throughout all seasons throughout years at home; therefore keep this in mind when deciding whether buying something made from LD versus HD would be better suited for your purposes!”


It’s important to have quality furniture, but it’s also important to have quality cushions. A good sofa should last you for years and years so make sure that your cushions are comfortable and of high quality. You can purchase foam online or at a local store but it may be difficult finding exactly what you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today so we can help guide you through this process!

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