The Beginners Guide to Self Tanning

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Self tanning is a great alternative to sun tanning and spray tans. It’s easy, stress free, and achieves a natural glow. This blog will walk you through the steps involved in self tanning from beginning to end!

Exfoliate a day before.

Before you apply self-tanner, it’s best to exfoliate. This removes dead skin cells and makes your skin look more radiant. You can use a body scrub, loofah sponge or body brush. Some people like to use a shower mitt or pumice stone on their feet as well. After you exfoliate, rinse off with warm water and dry yourself completely before applying the self tanner.

Shave or Wax the night before.

It’s important to shave or wax the night before you plan to tan. This will allow for any redness that may occur from shaving or waxing to calm down and fade, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you absolutely must shave or wax the day of your self-tanning session (your last-minute plans!), then make sure to apply moisturizer after washing off any shaving cream or lotion residue. It’s also helpful to exfoliate this area with a gentle scrub every few days before getting your tan so that dead skin cells don’t build up around the hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs or razor burn when shaving post-tanning session

Moisturize dry areas.

If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer. The best time to apply it is before you go to bed. Apply the moisturizer to your dry areas and massage it in so that it penetrates the skin deeply. Then wait for about 4-6 hours before showering because self tanning products work best when they are allowed to dry into your skin.

  • Turn off your phone or anything else that might distract you while getting ready in the morning
  • Shave your legs or underarms if necessary
  • Wash and exfoliate (if recommended by brand) with a product like St. Tropez Everyday Body Exfoliator & Moisturizer Duo or Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (for face).

Use a self tanning guide.

Using a self tanning guide is an essential part of the process. A self tanning guide will help you apply your self tan evenly and flawlessly, and it will also provide an effective way to see where you have applied the product properly, as well as help find any missed spots that may need some extra attention.

Wait to shower 4-6 hours after.

  • This is an important step, as showering will remove the self tanning guide and any excess product. If you’re going to be sweating/swimming/etc, wait a few hours longer.
  • You should wait at least 4 hours after applying before showering or getting into water. You can apply it at night and sleep in it, which helps the color develop overnight. If you shower too soon, you’ll be left with streaks on your skin (which are harder to avoid than they sound).
  • It’s best to give yourself 6+ hours between applying and rinsing off so that the tan has time to set properly before being washed off in the shower.

Don’t get wet for 4-6 hours after.

Once your self tanner has dried and you’re ready to move on with your day, it’s important that you avoid getting wet. Don’t shower for 4-6 hours after applying the self tanner, as this can wash away some of the product. Also, try not to swim, sweat or do any type of exercise for 4-6 hours after applying the self tanner—this will also cause it to wash off more quickly than intended. If you must shower before this time frame is up (say because a friend gives you no choice), be sure not to use a towel outside of rinsing off in order not to rub off any remaining residue from your skin.

Reapply every few days.

Reapply every few days.

The first time you apply self tanner, you’re going to see a difference in your skin tone, but it won’t be as dramatic as what you see on the package. That’s because self-tanning is a process that takes several applications for the color change to be noticeable. You can apply more often if you want a deeper tan and keep applying until the desired shade has been reached (but not too frequently).

Self tanning is easy to learn with practice!

Self tanning is easy to learn with practice. Try this self-tanner guide, which will help you get a golden glow without the hassle of applying a spray or lotion by hand. If you want to look your best in those swimsuits and bikinis, start using self tanners now!

Using a self tan product is simple: just apply it evenly on your face, body and hands. The trick is to apply it evenly throughout these three areas so that you don’t end up looking unevenly tanned or splotchy.


Self tanning can be simple, as long as you follow these easy steps every time. Self tanning is a great way to get the summer glow you’ve always wanted without the risk of skin cancer or sunburns. If you have any questions about self tanner, feel free to contact us on our website and we’ll answer your question within 24 hours!

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