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Welcome to The Foam Shop! We are a foam manufacturer and distributor, specializing in custom made foam products. Our online shop has a wide range of high-quality products for every need, from laminated cushioning grade foams for furniture to open cell foams for craft projects. We have been supplying the best quality foam products to our customers since 2003.

Do you want to know about the foam shop?

Have you ever heard of the foam shop? If not, then let me tell you more about it. The foam shop is a good place to get your tailored foam made with great quality foam. It’s also called a custom foam manufacturer or an online custom mat supplier.

So why should you order your custom-made mattress from theFoamShop? Because they have some of the best quality materials and services in the market!

If this sounds like something that interests you then keep reading below to learn more about their products and prices:

The foam shop can help you with your interior design project.

If you are looking for foam made to measure, the foam shop can help you with your interior design project. You can get fitted foam made to fit your furniture, whether it is a sofa or chair, coffee table or footstool. The shop offers bespoke fitted foam that will be customised exactly according to your requirements. You can get custom-made fitted foam in any material of your choice: from memory foam and latex to wool, cotton and even velvet!

For example if you have bought some new furniture but it doesn’t match the décor of your room (or vice versa), all we need is just one photo of the room and one photo of the item(s) that need fitting with our online measuring tool (which works on most smartphones). The rest will be done by our expert team who will handle everything from start to finish including cutting & fitting each piece perfectly!

We got a lovely sofa for my daughter’s room

We got a lovely sofa for my daughter’s room.

The foam shop can help you with your interior design project.We had a great experience with the foam shop.The foam shop is a great place to get tailored foam manufactured with great quality foam, and it looks amazing in my daughter’s room!

We had a great experience with the foam shop.

We had a great experience with the foam shop. We found them online and liked their website. They offered high quality, tailored foam at very competitive prices, which was nice because it saved us money. They also had a good range of products, so we could find something to suit our needs and not just settle for something that didn’t quite fit together properly. The customer service was excellent and they always replied quickly to any questions we had before ordering anything from them – even if it was just asking if they stocked any particular size/shape/colour at all!

The delivery was quick and efficient too; everything arrived on time without any problems whatsoever! The installation contractors did an awesome job too – I couldn’t believe how quickly they worked! The warranty is also really good – if anything goes wrong with your new mattress (which won’t happen because it’s made out of such high quality materials), then there will be no charge!

They were able to take the exact measurements and make sure the cushions fit our chairs perfectly. We are so happy with them!

The foam shop is one of the best places to get tailored foam. They have great customer service and can take the exact measurements needed for your cushions. The prices are reasonable, shipping is fast, and the quality of foam is excellent. They also have a wide variety of options when it comes to delivery times as well as types of materials used in manufacturing the couches or chairs you want to re-upholster.

Foam is great, and I’m glad we found the FoamShop!

Foam is great. And you are great. The FoamShop is great. We will be back to the FoamShop soon and tell our friends about it, too! Thanks for making such an awesome product, and thanks for being so kind!


The Foam Shop is a great place to go for all of your foam needs! They have a wide variety of products and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Foam isn’t just used in furniture–there are many different uses including art projects, costumes, even specialty padding like the kind used inside helmets or sports equipment.

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