You Can Build Things From Plastic Foam! A post sharing all the cool things you can do with plastic foam.

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You’ve probably seen plastic foam pool noodles before. They’re those floppy tubes that kids like to use as swords and shields in the pool, or maybe as a floatie for their tired arms when they’re hanging out in the shallow end. They can be used for so much more than just that though! In this post, we’ll show you how to build boats, rafts, floats, canoes/kayaks and more using plastic foam pool noodles.

Build a Boat

Making a boat from pool noodles is one of the easiest projects you can try. The process is simple, and it’s a great way for kids to get creative without too much effort or risk. You can make a boat out of any kind of pool noodle, but we recommend going with the longer ones if possible; they will give you more room for error as well as allow for some extra seating space in case your friends want to come along for the ride!

Start by cutting your noodle into three equal lengths; you don’t need to measure exactly or even eyeball this part—just make sure that when you lay them on top of each other, each piece will be able to reach all four corners when laid flat on its side. Next, fold each length back over itself so that they overlap slightly at both ends (this is where your measurement comes in handy). Then simply place adhesive tape along either side where they meet so that nothing falls apart while it dries! When everything’s dry (24 hours), simply glue two rubber bands together into an X-shape and secure them around one end with tape; repeat this step at both ends until all four sides are covered up nicely by rubber bands—these serve as handles so people can hold onto them without fear of falling overboard! That’s it! Your homemade vessel awaits…

Build a Raft

One of the most popular things to do with plastic foam is build a raft. You can use pool noodles, which are long, thin tubes made of foam. You will need to use several pool noodles together to make a boat-like structure that can hold you up in water and keep you from drowning. It’s a good idea to practice this first in the pool before trying it out in open water!

Build a Float

You can build things with plastic foam! You can get pool noodles and build a float, a raft, or even a boat or kayak.

Here’s how:

  • Cut the foam into strips about 1/2″ wide. You’ll need enough to wrap around your body once. If you’re making a raft or boat, use several pieces together if necessary.
  • To make the float more comfortable for sitting on and lounging in the water, place some fabric over top of it before you tie it together at each end with twine or rope (you can also use duct tape if you don’t have any string). The fabric will help keep your rear from getting too wet!

Build a Canoe or Kayak

A canoe or kayak is a good project to start with. You can use pool noodles for the frame, duct tape to hold it together, and pool noodles for paddles. You can also use pool noodles for seats and gunwales (the sides of your boat). For the bow (front) and stern (back), you’ll want to get two large rectangular foam boards that are at least 2×3 ft in size. Cut these pieces down so they fit in between the two side pieces of your boat frame, then connect them using more duct tape.

Build a Pool Noodle Snake or Crocodile

There are two ways to make a pool noodle snake or crocodile.

The first way is with a pair of scissors, a straight edge and some duct tape. You will need the following:

  • A pool noodle
  • Scissors
  • A box cutter or similar sharp blade (you want something that can cut through the foam)

Use the box cutter to cut out the shape of your snake or crocodile’s mouth from another piece of plastic foam. It should be about 3 inches wide and 1 inch tall (or wider if you want it bigger). Then, use one piece as your template for cutting out your actual mouthpiece from another piece of plastic foam. If you’re making a crocodile rather than just snakes, cut off one end so that it has rounded edges instead of square ones like its head does—this will make it easier for them to bite their prey! Use duct tape around all sides until everything is secure; then press firmly against each other until they stick together securely without any gaps between them.

Build an Ice Cream Holder

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have eaten ice cream on a stick. But what about the rest of the stick? The part you use for dipping, or holding in your hand as you walk down the street? Sadly, it typically gets thrown away. Well, not anymore!

You can recycle those leftover sticks into something useful: an ice cream holder! All you need is some plastic foam from your nearest craft store and a pool noodle (or two). Cut off two 6-inch segments of foam, wrap them around one end of each pool noodle segment, then tape together with strong tape like duct tape or Gorilla Tape (both great options for making durable projects).

Now all that’s left is to add some sticks—or anything else small enough to fit inside—and enjoy!

Build a Doll House with Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are a great starting point for assembling your doll house. You can use one pool noodle as the base and then add the rest of the rooms with other pool noodles. This is a good way to get started, but if you want something more elaborate, here are some ideas:

  • Use one pool noodle as your roof and add other pool noodles as walls.
  • Use two or three pool noodles for each wall in your doll house.

Use it for Math!

Did you know that plastic foam is a great tool for teaching math? It can help kids learn fractions and geometry, as well as measurements, math concepts, vocabulary and skills.

For example:

  • Use it to teach how to measure things with different units of measurement (like feet or meters). Kids will have fun using the plastic foam blocks to measure objects in their hands or on the ground. This will help them understand how different units of measurement work together. They’ll also realize that there are many ways one could measure something—and that it depends on what you’re measuring!
  • Use it for fractions by having your child cut out a small piece from each block so he can build something with only pieces of one type of block instead of all different kinds at once. Ask him questions like “How many squares do I need?” “How many hexagons do I need?” or “How many triangles do I need?,” etc., until he understands how much each kind weighs against another kind when used together in equal amounts

Use it for Sound!

You can use plastic foam to make a sound tunnel. Sound tunnels are like an echo chamber, except you can carry them around with you wherever you go. They’re great for making loud noises and also for getting rid of your neighbors’ annoying voices (but only if they live upstairs).

You can also use plastic foam to make a sound tunnel for your pet. If your pet’s voice gets on your nerves sometimes, then this is the perfect solution! With their own personal sound tunnel (which they’ll probably love), they won’t be able to hear themselves when they bark at the mailman or meow at the window (or whatever else it is that they do).

Sound tunnels are also good for children and teens! If kids don’t want their parents yelling at them all day long because of something stupid like not doing their chores or spending too much time on Facebook instead of studying biology homework—which is actually pretty reasonable considering how hard it can be sometimes—then just give them some sort of barrier between themselves and whoever’s scolding them so that those words will go away instead of bouncing back into their ears over and over again until no one knows what anyone else said anymore…and then peace reigns supreme once more (until next week).

Use it for Crafts!

Plastic foam is great for use as a base in your crafts. It is light, so it won’t weigh down your piece and make it difficult to lift or move around. You can also use plastic foam to create a mold for your craft. If you’re making something that needs to be round, like a vase or bowl, then this could be the perfect material for you!

In addition to being useful for molds and bases of craft projects, plastic foam can also be used as support structures when creating certain types of art. For example, if you’re making an origami crane or paper airplane that you want to hang up on a wall (or anything similar), plastic foam will make sure that whatever structure you build is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t fall apart under its own weight once completed.

Plastic foam can also make good templates for different kinds of crafts because even though there may not seem like much variety in what these products look like at first glance there actually are many different styles available today including “wood grain” finishes which will give any project added dimension while remaining affordable enough where anyone can afford using them too!

Use it for Masks and Costumes!

You can use pool noodles for many different projects. One of which is making a mask or costume for yourself or a friend. You can also use pools noodles to make a wig, hat, and/or beard. To make your own mask follow these simple steps:

  • Get a pool noodle and cut it in half lengthwise
  • Cut out eye holes with sharp scissors (excuse how dirty they are lol I’ve had them since college haha)
  • Cut out mouth hole with sharp scissors again (I used red tape because I’m too lazy to go find more black tape right now)
  • Use hot glue gun on each side of the nose so that it sticks straight up with no curve

You can do so much fun stuff with plastic foam pool noodles.

You can use plastic foam pool noodles to build all sorts of fun stuff.

  • Build a boat
  • Build a raft
  • Build a float
  • Build a canoe or kayak
  • Build a pool noodle snake or crocodile (teach your kids about the foods they should eat when they grow up)

It’s also great as an ice cream holder, doll house material and for math games. You can even use it to make sound effects like in this video:


The best thing about plastic foam pool noodles is that they’re so versatile. You can use them in a variety of ways, whether you want to make something for yourself or your kids. We hope these ideas have inspired you to build some fun things from plastic foam! Now go get creative

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