How to Steam Clean a Mattress

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As you go through many of the reviews I have on memory foam mattresses, you will notice that lots of manufacturers give fairly long warranties on their products. However, if you want your mattress to last it will need some tender loving care from you, and that includes cleaning it.

Although cleaning a mattress will help with removing stains (which, whether you care to admit it or not will build up over time), if done properly it will also keep those nasty dust mites, bed bugs, and other bacteria and allergens at bay.

I chose to let you know how to steam clean a mattress because this is one of the safest, easiest, and most eco-friendly ways of ensuring you get a deep-down clean many other methods cannot achieve. Of course, you will need a steam cleaner and these are relatively inexpensive to buy. Plus, depending on what you want from them, they can actually come in very useful for other cleaning jobs around the home.

The first thing I will say, and it’s VERY important you bear this in mind is that not all mattresses will thank you for good old steam clean so make sure you check the user manual first. If you know it’s safe to steam clean, the next thing to consider is drying time. Whilst some models of a steam cleaner will dry as they go, these can be more expensive. So, factor in about 2 to 6 hours of drying time before you can sleep on your mattress again.

Lastly, for steam clean to be really effective you MUST vacuum first. This will remove any loose debris such as pet fur, dust, and various small particles of dirt your steam cleaner won’t deal with. When you’re ready it’s just a case of filling your cleaner with water, allowing it to heat up and away you go! For a quick visual demonstration of how to steam clean your mattress, feel free to take a look at the video I’ve added below.

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