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If you’ve ever thought about trying a foam mattress, this post is for you. I’ll tell you all about how foam mattresses can help people sleep better. First, if you want a bed that supports your neck, back and hips, try a foam mattress. Second, if you get too hot at night and need a cool place to sleep, try a foam mattress. Third, if you have back pain and need support while sleeping on your side or your back, try a foam mattress. Fourth and finally, if you just want to give yourself the gift of better sleep in general, try a foam mattress. Foam mattresses are the best!

You love to sleep well.

You love to sleep well.

If you’re with us on this, foam is an excellent choice for your mattress because it offers all-around comfort and support without trapping heat or being too firm. The memory foam in our beds is high-density, meaning that it’s dense enough to provide long-lasting support but soft enough to be comfortable. Plus, the materials used to make it are certifiably eco-friendly and they don’t contain any harmful chemicals or fire retardants (yay!). And if you’ve been sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress for years, you’ll find that our foam mattresses will help align your spine while relieving pressure points so you can wake up feeling refreshed every morning!

You want great neck support.

If you’re a side sleeper and need to have your head supported, foam is the way to go. Foam mattresses are denser than hybrids and provide better neck support for side sleepers.

If you get hot while sleeping, foam is the best option for you. The open cell structure of memory foam allows air flow between the mattress and your body so that it doesn’t trap heat like innerspring mattresses.

Foam mattresses are also great if you’re experiencing back pain or pressure points from an innerspring mattress when lying on your back or stomach. This can be caused by an improper fitment of the bed frame—the bed frame needs to be low enough so that there isn’t any pressure on your hips but high enough so that there is no sagging where your head goes down at night (which can cause back pain). Foam mattresses offer more support than other types of beds do because of their ability not only provide comfort but also hold its shape over time (as opposed to traditional spring systems which tend lose their tension over time).

You get hot when you sleep.

If you sleep hot, foam is a good option. The reason: Its low density and breathability can help keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

While memory foam has a higher density and therefore tends to be warmer than other types of bedding (like latex), it’s still an excellent material for those who need extra support from their mattress.

In fact, many people like sleeping on memory foam because it can relieve pressure points in the hips, shoulders, and lower back—allowing them to get some deep restful sleep. However if you tend to run hot at night or live in a humid climate then this could make things uncomfortable for you!

You need to ease your back pain.

  • You need to ease your back pain. Sleeping on a foam mattress can reduce pressure points, especially those in the lumbar region of your spine. Research has shown that sleeping on a foam mattress with medium firmness alleviates lower-back pain more effectively than any other type of bed, including traditional spring mattresses and hybrids (mattresses with springs). The same goes for shoulder, neck, hip and knee pain: foam is way better at relieving these issues than other types of beds. Foam mattresses also have no “sinking down” effect; they keep your body aligned throughout the night so you don’t have to wake up from aches or pains in various places.

You’re a side sleeper.

If you’re a side sleeper, foam is better than any other type of mattress.

Side sleepers need to sleep on their sides because they have more pressure on one shoulder than the other when they lie flat. This causes aches and pains in the back, hips and shoulders. By sleeping on your side, you distribute your weight evenly over both shoulders instead of just one. Foam mattresses are designed specifically with this aspect of sleeping in mind, so they’re great for people who prefer to rest that way.

Memory foam can get hot if it’s too thick; latex doesn’t provide enough support for some people; air mattresses tend to lose their shape quickly and waterbeds take up too much space in many homes. Foam has none of these problems! It’s easy to maintain at just about any thickness (though thicker will cost more), never gets hot even though it keeps its temperature well throughout the night so it feels cool against your skin (but also makes sure your body heat doesn’t escape), provides plenty of support without being too soft or hard so that you don’t feel like sinking into oblivion every time you move around during sleep but also don’t get sore from lying still all night long without moving around much yourself!

Foam is better if you have any of these problems

  • You have allergies
  • You have asthma or other respiratory problems
  • You’re a picky person


It’s all about foam.

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