You’ve Heard of Foam Mattresses…Now Get Ready For The Memory Foam Mattress

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I’ve been asked many times about the nature and quality of memory foam mattresses, but I always hesitate to answer. Although I’m far from an expert, it’s difficult for me to be objective about this question since I’m such a huge fan of memory foam mattresses. However, after much prodding and pleading, I’ve agreed to come clean with my favorite features of this revolutionary new mattress technology:

What are memory foam mattresses made from?

Memory foam is a type of viscoelastic foam that has viscoelastic properties that memorize your body shape. In other words, when you lie down on this mattress, it will take on the shape of your body and then return to its original form once you get off. Memory foam mattresses are made from polyurethane foam which was invented in 1941 by NASA. It was originally created for use in aircraft seats and helmets because it’s firm enough to provide support while still being soft enough to be comfortable. This makes memory foam a good material for a mattress because it’s soft yet firm enough to support your body weight so you don’t sink too far into it as you sleep at night!

How good is the support?

Memory foam mattresses are known to have great support. Because they are so thick, they tend to be very supportive and provide great pressure relief. They can help relieve pain in the back, hips and legs because of this.

In addition, memory foam is a good material for side sleepers as it allows your body to fully sink into the mattress which eliminates pressure on your shoulders and hips due to having less space between you and the mattress than other types of mattresses have.

It is also a very popular choice among stomach sleepers as it allows their spine to remain aligned while sleeping on their stomachs all night long without putting too much strain on certain parts of their body throughout the night such as their neck or lower back which often leads them experiencing neck pain when waking up in the morning after sleeping for 8 hours straight without turning over once during that period due to being unable to get comfortable enough due too much pressure being placed directly under where your head goes down on top of what feels like concrete underneath all throughout those eight hours which causes muscle tension everywhere else except where

Are they hot to sleep on?

It’s possible that memory foam can be a bit hot to sleep on. It’s also possible it will be a bit cold.

The truth is, it all depends on the person, and what kind of mattress you buy. Memory foam does insulate relatively well – that means that it will retain heat well. This can help keep you warm in winter months, but also cause you to feel too hot during warm weather months (this is especially true if you’re using a cheap or low-quality memory foam mattress).

On the other hand, memory foam does conduct heat – meaning it won’t cool down quickly once your body temperature drops at night time. This could mean that if you’re sleeping on one side of the bed with something like an electric blanket or heated mattress pad turned on high while another partner sleeps peacefully on the other side without their own personal heating system running nearby…well then yes! There may come along some cold spots where they don’t have any extra warmth coming from those sources near them because they’re just not being held against as much heat as they’d like during those few hours before waking up refreshed again in time for work tomorrow morning!

How much will they cost me?

The price of your memory foam mattress will depend on the size and quality of the mattress you choose. A queen-size king-sized bed is going to cost more than a twin XL, so that’s something to keep in mind. The best memory foam mattresses are made from high-density viscoelastic foam, but these can run you anywhere between $200-$3,000! If you’re looking for something more affordable, there are many options available that use lower-quality components to cut costs—but they won’t be as comfortable or durable as traditional models.

Memory foam comes in different densities (or thicknesses), with most being between 3-5 inches thick when compressed under pressure (so it takes up less space in storage). These types tend not only feel amazing underfoot but also help relieve pressure points by providing even support throughout every inch of your body when resting on them.

Do they last a long time?

The first thing you should know is that memory foam mattresses are not going to wear out or break. You can expect yours to last for many years—even more than 15 years! This is because memory foam is made with durable materials and it has a special design that helps it maintain its shape over time. The reason why some people say that they don’t like memory foam is because they’re comparing it to other kinds of mattresses, like spring mattresses or air mattresses. However, if you compare the price of both kinds of mattresses (spring vs. air), you will see that memory foam costs less than $1,000 but still offers high-quality support and comfort for your body during sleep time.

What brands should I look at?

There are many brands to choose from when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Some of the most popular include:

  • Simmons mattresses, which have been around since 1885. They use their own patented technology in their products, and they’re available at many major retailers like Target or Walmart.
  • Serta is another top brand that’s been around since 1904, and they offer a wide range of options including mattresses in both traditional spring coil construction (like this) or memory foam construction (this).
  • Tempur-Pedic is well known for their advanced temperature-sensitive material used in a lot of their mattresses; check out our full report on TEMPUR-Cloud
  • Luxury Mattress features several models made from high quality materials that promise superior support for even the heaviest sleepers at an affordable price point (such as this one). Their company also has an excellent reputation for customer service!

Memory Foam Mattresses are the best in town.

Memory foam mattresses are the best in town. They are the cheapest, most durable, most comfortable and supportive mattresses out there. If you want to sleep like a baby with the best available support and comfort level then you have to buy yourself a memory foam mattress.


To end this, I think it’s safe to say that memory foam mattresses are a great choice for anyone looking to buy a new mattress. They have the ability to mold themselves to your body and can match pressure points, making them incredibly comfortable. The support is great, with little sagging and no need for flipping or rotating. Memory foam mattresses can be expensive but will last around 8 years if properly cared for. There are plenty of brands to choose from with some of the better ones being Nectar Sleep, Tempur-Pedic, Ghostbed and Cocoon by Sealy.

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