Most Affordable Stay-Cool Mattress : Olee Sleep I-gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Five Layers for A Good Night’s Sleep

With five distinctly designed layers of foam, it is very hard to imagine that anyone would ever not feel comfortable in this bed. It features a layer of high-density foam to support your body in the best way possible and hold the rest of the bed in a proper shape. It also features an extra-thick layer of convoluted high density foam for extra flexibility and that feeling of a custom fit.

Further reducing the number of pressure points, the 2.5 inches of comfort foam helps to absorb weight from your heaviest areas. A layer of memory foam conforms perfectly to your body shape and lends extra support to hollow areas around the small of your back and your sides. Finally, the I-Gel layer keeps things cool.

Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Matress

Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-gel
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Medium Level Firmness

If I were to assign this mattress a place on my own invisible sliding scale of firmness, I would say that it is medium-level – smack in the middle between super soft and hard as a rock. I base this opinion on many consumer reviews. The general consensus is that this mattress feels rather firm to those under 200 pounds (making it perfect for those lightweight people who prefer a firm bed) but that it will feel softer and softer the higher up the weight scale you go. This is a general rule with mattresses, anyway – that they seem softer and softer the more you weigh. What is nice to know, however, is how hard or soft it will feel to people of different weights. For example, one consumer who weighed approximately 130 pounds found this mattress to be quite comfortably firm.

Stay Cool All Night Long

I-Gel technology moves the gel to the top of the mattress. Some mattresses are infused with little beads of gel, others feature a gel layer somewhere in the middle. I-Gel beds, typically, feature a layer of gel at the top of the mattress. This enhances the cooling effect of the gel, making it one of the best options for those who experience night sweats or higher-than-average body temperatures as they sleep.

Additionally, the foam itself features puncture holes all the way through from the head to the toe. These tubes of emptiness allow the mattress to better form around your body while also allowing air to flow freely (warm air away from you and cool air toward you).

Regular Range of Sizes

The smallest option is the twin bed. Slightly larger than a cot, this one is best for children. The full/double bed is great for teens and single adults. The queen-sized option will work well for those couples who don’t mind squishing together a little at night or those single folks who just love their space. The king-sized is great for a typical couple who can agree on the firmness of the mattress and don’t toss and turn much.


Overall, this mattress is bound to be best for those people who need extra-strong cooling effects. That being said, I really do think it will manage to please all different sorts of people.
You can find this mattress on Amazon and choose a twin, full, or queen.

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