How To Remove Sticky Tape From Paint or Wood

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There’s nothing more annoying than trying to remove tape residue from a painted wall or wood. You think you’ve gotten it all off, but then you notice that it’s left behind a thin layer of residue. Suddenly, your entire wall looks like it has some kind of disease—a red rash here, a green splotch there… panic sets in! But before you start ripping wallpaper off of your walls (please don’t do this), try one of the following methods for removing tape and adhesive from painted surfaces and wood.

How to Remove Tape Residue from Wood

When you’re removing tape from wood, you have a few options.

  • Heat the adhesive with a heat gun until it softens, then scrape it off with a razor blade.
  • Spray WD-40 over the area and let it sit for 20 minutes while you get coffee, then wipe away any remaining adhesive residue with your finger or a paper towel.
  • For stubborn tapes that aren’t coming off easily even after using these methods (or if they’re leaving sticky residue behind), use mineral spirits to remove them completely. Mineral spirits are basically paint thinner but better for removing adhesives like this because they’ll dissolve almost anything without causing damage to your furniture or flooring like some other products might do.

How to Remove Tape Residue from a Painted Wall

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to remove the adhesive with a razor blade. If the tape was used on wood or painted walls, then you’ll need to use a paint scraper.

If your wall has been painted over, then removing that section of paint will yield better results. You can use either a plastic putty knife or chemical stripper to do this.

After scraping off any unwanted paint and cleaning up any residue left behind with a solvent (or thinner), apply some mineral spirits to prevent reattachment of the tape when it’s applied again later on in its life span.

Try these methods to remove tape residue from wood and painted walls.

If you have paint or wood and sticky tape residue, here are some methods you can try.

  • Use a razor blade to scrape off the tape. This works best with small pieces of tape, as it can be difficult to reach into tight corners or crevices with this method.
  • Use a paint scraper to remove the adhesive. A plastic putty knife works well too; just be careful not to gouge your wall when using it!
  • Lay down some newspaper and work in an area that’s covered by newspaper so that you don’t damage your walls as much while removing the adhesive from them.


If you’ve got sticky tape or adhesive residue on your wood or painted walls, don’t panic! Try some of these methods to get it off before going crazy at home.

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