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Hello, my name is Juan, and today we’re talking about the best foam crafts for children. We’ll go over the tools you need to create these fun crafts. I’ll be showing you some great ideas for creating your own unique foam craft that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. Let’s get started!

Foam Cutter

In order to choose the best foam cutter, you’ll need to consider what you want to cut out of it. Foam sheets can be used for a variety of purposes: cutting out shapes or letters, making stencils, or even creating your own 3D sculptures. If you’re looking specifically at cutting out curved objects from an even larger sheet (like an egg-shaped carving), then it’s best that the cutter has an adjustable blade depth dial so that you can make small adjustments as necessary. In addition to being able to cut through thick sheets of styrofoam and/or dense materials like PVC pipe insulation board (the kind used on houses), these are some additional features that may prove helpful depending on your desired use:

  • Dual-action cutting heads – some models have both a vertical action (for straight lines) and horizontal action (for curves). This feature is especially useful if your project requires both types of cuts!
  • Variable speed control dial – allows users complete control over how much pressure they apply while working with different types of materials (depending on thicknesses) by controlling how fast/slowly their blade rotates around its axis point(s).

Craft Wire

Craft wire is a great tool for making shapes in foam. The wire can be used to create hearts, stars, and circles that are then cut out. It can also be used to create shapes in foam that are folded into a 3D shape.

Craft Wire is available at the craft store or online at Amazon. If you’re looking for reusable crafts, I would recommend using craft wire instead of purchasing plastic fasteners like binder clips or clothespins because they will last longer and won’t get lost as easily as the plastic version!

Electric Drill

  • Drill

The drill is used to make holes in the craft foam and many other things. Use it to make holes in the craft wire, your craft knife and even your glue gun! You can also use the drill to make holes in paints or paint cans so that you can mix colors together.

Craft Knife

Craft knives are probably the most important tool for creating a foam craft. They’re available in a range of shapes, sizes and prices. The blade is retractable so that you can’t cut yourself when not in use. Craft knives are used to cut foam, cardboard and paper. There are also specific foamcraft blades designed for cutting foam, which will give you cleaner edges on your creations

Glue Gun

Glue Gun

A glue gun is a tool that allows you to quickly apply glue to your craft project. It’s also used to create crafts, and it can be used to create foam crafts.

Craft Paints

Choosing the right craft paint is important, as is choosing the right brush. You’ll need to clean your brushes after each use, so make sure you’re using a brush that’s easy to clean. Also, if your crafts will be left out overnight or longer, it’s best to store them in an airtight container or resealable bag. This will prevent mold from growing on any wet areas of the craft and keep moisture from damaging the foam board itself.

Finally, consider how you plan on displaying your finished projects! If you want them hung up on walls or windowsills around your home, we recommend using picture hanging strips (like these). Not only do they look nice when used with pictures; they also help prevent damage by keeping frames level during installation so there’s no uneven pressure exerted onto them over time which could cause further cracking along their edges over time if left unchecked.”

Knowing how to create the best foam crafts for children will allow you to enjoy the process with them and allow them to explore their creativity.

You can either buy foam boards or make them yourself. The easiest way to make one is by cutting a piece of foamboard into a rectangular shape and gluing the edges together with hot glue. You could also use duct tape, but if you have younger kids, be sure not to use it!

Now that you have your blank canvas, let’s get started making some fun crafts with your child!

There are many different types of crafts that we can make with this material, but today I want to show you how we created an adorable puppet theater for our daughter using only a few supplies from around the house:


My kids love being creative and learning new skills. I hope that you enjoy creating the best foam crafts with them as well!

The more ideas people have on how to enhance their children’s lives, the better life will be for all of us. So please try out these tips and tricks in your own home and let me know what works for you by leaving a comment on this post. You can also share your own experiences below. I’m always happy to hear from my readership! Best wishes on your foam crafting journey, and thank you again for stopping by Reusable Foam Craft blog today.”””

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