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It’s no secret that we love foam, and it’s no secret that we’re all about foam cookware. But what is a secret is our newest product in the Egg Whisk and Beater category: the patented turbo tri-speed egg whisk! Our goal was to create a whisks with three speeds so that you could create perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs every time. We’ve been working hard to perfect this whisk, which we’re very excited to finally launch!

Why egg whisking is so important

Whisking is the process of creating an airy texture in a liquid, often egg whites. While whisking, you will notice that the liquid starts to become frothy and slightly thicker. The reason for this is because you are mixing air into your mixture.

If we were to compare whisking eggs with beating them, we’d find that there are some distinct differences between these two techniques. Whisking and beating egg whites or yolks results in different outcomes: while beating them creates stiff peaks (for meringues or soufflés), whisking gives us a light foam which can be used as an ingredient in sauces or soups, for example.

Folding eggs requires yet another technique entirely—it’s what happens when you combine one liquid with another without disturbing either of them too much so as not to deflate them (think omelets). Folding also has its own set of rules: first you need a flexible spatula (which won’t scratch your nonstick pans!) and then use it gently so as not to break down any bubbles created by whisking/beating/whipping etc…

Egg whisking 101

What is an egg whisk?

An egg whisk is a kitchen tool that helps you mix up eggs. You can use it to scramble, whip, or make meringue. They come in many shapes and sizes, but most have a handle with two wires that rotate around each other to blend ingredients together quickly and efficiently.

The best way to understand how an egg whisk works is by watching this video of me making scrambled eggs:

The perfect batch of eggs

If you’re looking for the perfect batch of eggs, I can help. It’s a mixture of egg whites and egg yolks!

The secret to making the perfect batch of eggs lies in using an egg whisker—the patented Turbo Tri-Speed Egg Whisk! This nifty tool not only allows you to whip up your eggs in no time flat, but it also comes with three speeds that allow you to choose how much air should be incorporated into each batch: low speed (for light fluffy frothy goodness), medium speed (for standard whipped cream), and high speed (for dense whipped butter).

To use this product correctly follow these steps:

  • Place one large bowl on top of another large bowl filled with water; this will keep your hands clean while cooking because there is no need for utensils when using this product.
  • Crack open two or three eggs depending on how much you want to make at once then place them inside first one container then another so that none leak out when mixing later on down the road…or else everyone will have fingers full instead!

This whisk will change the way you make scrambled eggs.

The patented turbo tri-speed egg whisk is a must-have for any kitchen. It’s perfect for those egg-centered dishes and can be used to whisk an egg mixture into a delicious, fluffy texture. The handle is ergonomically designed so that you can work with it comfortably, even if you’ve been doing a lot of cooking so far this morning.

A lot of people have trouble making scrambled eggs. They either have trouble getting their eggs to fluff up or they overbeat them and end up with rubbery goo instead of soft, fluffy goodness. With the turbo tri-speed egg whisk, this problem is solved! It comes complete with three speeds that allow you to easily control how much air gets incorporated into your mixture while also preventing overbeating (which leads to tough scrambled eggs).

This product is easy to use: simply turn on one of its three settings (lowest speed first), then place it in your frying pan next to an already cracked egg before turning on another burner set at medium heat until both sides are done cooking; then flip them over once more before taking them off the heat source altogether.* It’ll only take about 3 minutes total – 2 minutes longer than using regular old whisks!


If you’re interested in trying out this new product, go to our website and place your order today! With all of the benefits it provides at such a reasonable price, we believe that you’ll agree that egg whisking has never been easier.

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