Top 10 Uses for Rigid Foam

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Rigid foam is an affordable and versatile material that can be used for a variety of projects. It’s not just for DIY furniture like chairs, tables, and benches anymore! In fact, rigid foam has so many cool uses that we couldn’t fit all of them into this list. Here are just 10 ways you can use rigid foam in your home:

Dining Room Table with Built-In Storage

Dining Room Table with Built-In Storage: To create a dining table with built-in storage, you’ll need 5 pieces of foam and a saw. Cut the foam pieces to size and attach them to one another in order to make a box shape. Then cut out the top piece of foam so that it can fit over your box shape (which will be the top of your table). Attach this piece under your box shape by drilling holes through both pieces as well as screwing them together with wood screws or nails (depending on what kind of wood you’re using). This will create an area where people can store their food and utensils while they eat!

DIY Fairy House

The foam board can be used to make a fairy house, fairy garden, or even a castle for your fairies.

To make this project you will need the following materials:

1 sheet of 4’x8′ foam board (from Home Depot or Lowe’s)

1 cup of sand or dirt (from outside)

1 small clay pot with drainage holes on bottom (you can buy them at Lowes or Home Depot)

DIY Toy Storage Boxes with Lids

You can make a toy storage box with rigid foam. Rigid foam is a lightweight, durable material that is easy to cut and glue. You can use it to make the shape of the box and then use more rigid foam to make the lid, handle and hinge.

Cooler to Keep Drinks Chilled

  • Cooler to Keep Drinks Chilled

Rigid foam is lightweight and can be cut into any shape, making it an ideal material for creating an insulated cooler with the smallest footprint possible. You can use rigid foam to make a seat that doubles as a cooler, or you can simply use it to craft a standalone cooler. If you’re looking for storage space in addition to keeping your drinks cold, consider adding some side compartments (and maybe even handles) with wood or metal sheets.

Planter Boxes for Patio and Deck Gardening

A great way to use rigid foam is for planter boxes. This can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on what you have available. It’s a great way to create a raised bed for plants and herbs, like tomatoes and lettuce. You can also grow strawberries in the summer months that will be sure to impress your guests!

Design a Dresser Drawer Organizer

A dresser drawer organizer is a simple, easy option to adding some organization to your drawers. This method of organization keeps every type of clothing — from socks to sweaters — separate and easy to find.

You can organize your clothes by color or type (socks vs. shirts), season (summer vs winter), size (smaller sizes for kids), use (workout gear for the gym or everyday wear) or frequency (those pairs of jeans you wear every weekend). You can even use this system if you want a way to keep track of what you have in each drawer without having to look through them all!

Coffee Table Ottoman That Doubles as Storage

If you’re looking for an ottoman that doubles as storage, rigid foam is the perfect material. This DIY project can be done in an afternoon and will look great in any living room.

Foam sheets are available at most hardware and craft stores. If you want to go all out, check out this list of craft stores in your area. If not, pick up a sheet or two at your local hardware store — they’ll be more expensive but should still run less than $10 each (and much cheaper than buying pre-cut foam).

Using a router or cordless drill with a circular saw blade attachment, create three holes inside each compartment: one for an AC power strip; one for HDMI cables; one for USB cables. You can also use velcro strips if you prefer having everything tuck away neatly instead of being visible through clear plastic windows on top of the table’s surface when it’s closed up tight again after using them all day long while watching movies online with family by streaming content from devices connected wirelessly to conceal their home theaters systems.”

Disposable Ice Chests and Coolers

You can use your rigid foam cooler to keep drinks cold, too. This is especially useful if you’re having a party or picnic and want to make sure the drinks are as cool as they can be when they arrive at their destination. With the right ice packs inside of your cooler, this will happen! You can also use it for food prep—if you’re making something that needs to be refrigerated overnight before serving it in the morning, then a rigid foam cooler could help out there too!

Rigid foam can be used for a variety of awesome projects

  • Rigid foam is easy to cut, so it’s great for DIY projects. You can use a cutting knife or an electric shear and make straight lines quickly.
  • You can work with foam in a variety of ways, depending on your project needs:
  • Glueing two pieces of rigid foam together to make a larger piece of rigid foam (also called “gluing up”). This is usually done when you have smaller pieces that need some help standing up by themselves.
  • Gluing rigid foam onto other materials like wood or metal frames. This adds strength and stability to whatever you are making because the rigid foam reinforces the structure of whatever else is there with it.* Gluing other pieces of rigid foam together will create different shapes (like triangles or squares) if you want something more complex than just flat sheets.* Painting the finished product with any paint that works best for what type material they were made out of (like woodworking paints).


We hope you enjoyed this list of the top 10 uses for rigid foam. If you have any other ideas for creative uses for this material, please share them with us in the comments section below!

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