Top Ten Common Office Chairs and Their Safety Ratings

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When you’re sitting in a chair for 40 hours each week, safety is an important thing to consider. There are many different types of chairs, so the safety rating can vary greatly. Before we dive into our top ten choices and their ratings, let’s take a look at what exactly goes into creating a safety rating for an office chair.

Hon Crio High-Back Work Chair

The Hon Crio High-Back Work Chair is a great option for your home office. It’s ergonomic, adjustable, and has padded armrests to make it easy on your body. Its back is also adjustable so you can find the perfect posture for your workday. If you’re looking for something with some extra bells and whistles, this chair has them! The seat height can be adjusted pneumaticly (with air), which means there are no levers or knobs that might get in the way of your typing or mouse usage. It also features an adjustable tilt feature that allows you to lower or raise the seat while keeping a comfortable position on top of it. For those who want even more options in their chair, consider getting one that can be used as either a high-back or mid-back model (or both!).

Artdeco High Back Office Chairs

Artdeco High Back Office Chairs

Artdeco is one of the most popular brands when it comes to office chairs. The company’s high-quality leather chairs make your office look more professional and feel more luxurious, while also providing comfort and safety.

These chairs have a 5-star safety rating, which means they are unlikely to tip over or break down on you during use. They’re made in the United States by an American manufacturer with a lifetime warranty in case something goes wrong with your chair after purchase.

Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat Office Chairs

Safety rating: 4.8/5

Price: $$

Durability: 3.9/5

Comfort: 4.4/5

Ergonomics: 4.4/5

Portability: 4.2/5

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Desk Chair

The Sayl is a chair made by Herman Miller that’s great for people who sit in front of a computer all day. It has a seat that’s sculpted to support your thighs and pelvic bones, as well as ergonomic armrests to help you keep good posture when working at your desk. The Sayl also comes with an articulated backrest, which means it moves forward or backward depending on where you’re leaning.

This chair was designed with input from Dr. James Levine, one of the leading experts on sitting and health issues related to office work. He recommends using adjustable-height desks so that people can alternate between standing and sitting during the day (the American Medical Association recommends this approach). The Sayl is one way to make sure you can do this easily!

Steelcase Amia Task Chair

The Steelcase Amia Task Chair is a highly adjustable chair that allows you to add or remove padding and adjust the height of both the seat and backrest. It’s also available in different frame colors, so it can match your office decor.

The Steelcase Amia Task Chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty and has received an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. The biggest complaint about this chair is its lack of lumbar support, but some reviewers say they were able to fix this issue by adding an additional cushion or pillow to their seats.

Bodybilt J3506 Black Leather Executive Chair

This chair is quite pricey, but the quality and comfort are well worth the money. It has a 350-pound weight capacity, which means it’s safe for people who spend a lot of time in their office chair.

The Bodybilt J3506 Black Leather Executive Chair has adjustable lumbar support and seat height, so you can find the perfect position for your body type and preferences. There are also armrests for additional comfort as well as an adjustable back angle to keep your spine aligned throughout long workdays.

Serta Works Executive Office Chair

If you’re looking for an office chair that can stand the test of time, then the Serta Works Executive Office Chair is the right option for you. It has a 5-star safety rating, which means it’s very safe and comfortable to use.

This chair has a tilt mechanism, pneumatic height adjustment, headrest and lumbar support cushion that provides additional comfort while sitting in it. The armrests have been designed with leather upholstery which makes them not only durable but also comfortable as well.

It comes with adjustable arms as well so that they can be adjusted according to your preferences or needs when using them during long hours at work or home office settings where this kind of chair would be used most often than not depending on what type of work someone does professionally speaking,”

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chairs

The Aeron chair is a classic. It’s been around for over 20 years, so you know it’s got staying power. The ergonomically-designed chair has a 5-star safety rating and comes with a great warranty. It’s comfortable, but it can be expensive. And if you get it in one of the heavier fabrics, expect it to weigh about 30 pounds.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair: A+

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is the most ergonomic and comfortable chair you can buy. It’s made from recycled materials, assembled in the USA, and has an A+ safety rating. The adjustable arms allow you to easily support your desk or laptop by placing them at the right height for optimal comfort and performance. This chair features a unique self-adjusting back that automatically moves with you as you sit down so that it feels like it’s custom made just for your body type. The Embody Chair was designed with comfort in mind, making it an ideal choice if you sit at work all day long!

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Task Chair

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 Task Chair is a comfortable and adjustable chair that has a price tag of $1,199. This office chair has an ergonomic design with an adjustable seat depth, height, angle and arm height. The Mirra 2 Task Chair is designed for both comfort and health benefits in mind. It’s perfect for those who spend long hours sitting at work.

The Mirra 2 Task Chair has a safety rating of good based on its design features:

  • Adjustable seat depth: yes
  • Adjustable seat height: yes
  • Adjustable seat angle: yes
  • Adjustable arm height: yes

While you should always try out a chair when you are buying it, if you cannot, knowing the safety rating is a good way to start.

While you should always try out a chair when you are buying it, if you cannot, knowing the safety rating is a good way to start. If you are buying online, you can look up the safety rating of the chair by looking at its product description or even just by searching for it on Google. Safety ratings are based on testing by independent labs, so they should be accurate.


There are many different types of chairs out there, but we hope we have given you an idea of some of the best ones and ones which will not harm your back. We know that not everyone needs or wants to spend $1000+ on a chair, but if you do want a really good chair then do not be afraid to spend the money. If you have any questions about safety ratings or anything else in this article feel free to leave a comment below!

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