What are the Parts of the Cushion Foam? A blog about the different parts of cushion foam.

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You’ve heard of the three parts of a sandwich: bread, meat, and condiments. The sofa has those same three parts: cushions, foam and fabric. But just like a sandwich, there’s more to it than that. You’ve got innards you can’t see and don’t talk about as much: The cushion foam itself has four main parts. Here is a closer look at the inside of the cushion foam so you can see what makes up your sofa or chair.

The Top Cover

The top cover is the outermost part of the cushion foam. It’s what you feel and see when you sit on a sofa, and it’s also the part that you see when looking at your sofa.

The top cover can be made from many different materials, such as fabric or leather (or a combination of both). It can also be padded with extra material to make it softer and more comfortable for people who are sitting down.

The Foam Core

The foam core is the most important part of a cushion. It provides the cushioning and comfort to your seat. Unlike other parts of the cushion, it cannot be replaced or adjusted after installation. The foam core is also the most expensive part of any seat cushion, so it’s best to make sure you’re getting good quality and that it fits your needs before deciding on this component.

If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting seat, look for one with high density foam cores. Prices vary depending on thickness and density levels, but typically an average priced high density foam core can cost between $15-$25 per cubic foot (ft3).

The Dacron Wrap

The Dacron wrap is a fabric that is wrapped around the foam core, which serves as a protective layer against wear and tear. It’s also used to add comfort and softness to the sofa.

Dacron wrap can be made from different materials, including cotton, polyester, or rayon. The best material for Dacron wrap depends on how much you plan to use your furniture, what kind of environment it will be in (i.e., indoor or outdoor), and whether or not you plan on cleaning it regularly. Cotton seems like an obvious choice for durability and comfort—and it’s easy to clean! However, if your sofa will be exposed to liquids from pets or children playing with food or drinks on it regularly then consider using another type of material instead (like polyester) because cotton may have limited resistance against stains caused by liquids over time

The Bottom Cover

The bottom cover is the part of the cushion foam that you see when you look at it. It’s typically made out of leather or fabric, and it’s usually your most expensive piece.

The bottom cover is what you sit on when you use your seat cushions. If you have a couch with no back, then obviously this isn’t important to know because there’s nothing else behind it!

Each part of the cushion foam has its own role to play in making the sofa comfortable.

Each part of the cushion foam has its own role to play in making the sofa comfortable. The top cover is the first layer of cushion foam, usually made from a durable fabric such as twill or corduroy that makes it easy to clean and protects against spills. The foam core is the middle layer of cushion foam, which provides support for your body weight when you sit on a sofa. The dacron wrap is a thin layer of nylon fabric with an open weave that allows air flow so that your skin stays cool and dry while sitting on it. At last comes the bottom cover, which completes your sofa’s protective outer shell by protecting all other parts from dirt and spills!


With so many parts of the cushion foam, it’s important to understand each component. From the cover to the core, there are many things to consider when choosing your next couch!

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