What is urethane foam? Everything You Need to Know

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Urethane foam is one of the key materials used in our products. We use it because it’s a strong material, it’s flexible, and it’s got great insulation properties. But how is urethane foam made? In this post, we’ll go over how urethane foam works and what makes it so great for some of the things that we do here at Company Name.

What is urethane foam?

For the layperson, urethane foam is the stuff you see in a lot of places. It’s used in mattresses, pillows and furniture—anything that needs to be soft but also durable.

It’s also called polyurethane foam and is often used as an insulator because it is made from plastic polymers, which help keep heat or cold outside where it belongs!

Urethane foam comes in many forms: open cell or closed cell. Open cell foam has thousands of tiny holes throughout its structure that allow air to pass through freely; closed cell does not have these holes and therefore does not allow air through so easily—but this makes it stiffer than open cell. When heating or cooling systems are installed in homes and offices around North America today, we’re most likely using some type of urethane based insulation material within our walls and ceilings!

Why do we use urethane foam in our products?

The advantages of urethane foam are numerous. Urethane is lightweight, durable and flexible. It can be cleaned easily and recycled or disposed of easily, making it an affordable choice for your product design needs. Because urethane is made from a renewable source (polyurethane), it’s also sustainable!

How is urethane foam made?

Urethane foam is made from polyols and isocyanates. Polyols are the monomeric units that are used to make polyurethane, while isocyanates are the active ingredients that react with polyols to form polyurethane.

Why is urethane foam a better choice than other types of foam?

In addition to its high strength and durability, urethane foam is waterproof and weatherproof, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Because it resists mold, mildew, and other forms of decay (even when exposed to moisture), urethane foam can be used almost anywhere without fear of damage. It’s also durable enough to last for decades in many cases—and when you consider that the material has a low density as well as low weight and cost compared with other types of foam products on the market today? That makes this material an even better option than competitors such as polyurethane or polyethylene!

Urethane is a key ingredient in many of our products.

Urethane is a key ingredient in many of our products. Urethane is used in products that are used in many different industries, including medical and aerospace. Urethane is versatile and can be used for many different applications because of its many properties: it’s strong, durable and lightweight; it has excellent shock absorption capabilities; it resists abrasion well; it’s easy to paint or glue to other surfaces; and its thermal properties make it useful for insulation materials like foam or carpet padding. Because of these characteristics, urethane has been an attractive material choice since its invention over 100 years ago!


Urethane foam is a versatile and lightweight material that’s used for both industrial and commercial purposes. It can be used as insulation, padding, or even as a cushioning material to protect fragile items during shipping. It has many advantages over other types of foam, such as being fire-resistant, non-toxic and recyclable. If you need an affordable solution to your needs in any of these areas, consider using urethane foam today!

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