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We make Ethafoam.

Ethafoam is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation.

Ethafoam is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation (Sealed Air), a large American multinational corporation that manufactures packaging and flexible material handling systems. Its products include packaging solutions such as bubble wrap, clamshells and mailers; stretch film products; pallet covers; protection against chemicals and other hazards within the workplace.

In addition to ethafoam, Sealed Air has developed several other types of foam for industrial use including:

  • EconoLite – A low density, open cell EVA foam with an excellent balance between stiffness and softness suitable for cushioning or support of irregular or fragile objects in packaging applications where cushioning characteristics are not critical. EconoLite provides excellent resistance to crushing forces without excessive softness due to its high strength to weight ratio.
  • DuraFlex – A cross linked polyolefin foam produced from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). It has excellent cushioning properties combined with good mechanical strength which makes it suitable for use as an impact modifier in various laminate structures such as corrugated boxes or cartons etc., where both impact protection along with structural integrity are required

Ethafoam is made by a division of a large corporation.

Ethafoam is made by a division of Sealed Air, a large corporation whose headquarters are in New Jersey. Sealed Air Ethafoam is a subsidiary of the larger corporation and was established in 1968.

The division that makes Ethafoam makes other things too.

Ethafoam is just one of the divisions that make up [company name]. The rest of the company’s divisions have their own products, but they all have something in common: They’re making things for people.

Other divisions include:

  • [product name]
  • [product name]
  • [product name]
  • [product name]

Some of these products are made for other businesses or individuals to buy and use. Others are made exclusively for your company because you need them to make Ethafoam.

It’s okay though, because the other things that they make also have technical names.

It’s okay though, because the other things that they make also have technical names. For example, you’ve probably heard of Styrofoam™. This is an example of a registered trademark owned by The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) in the United States and Canada. Similarly to ethafoam®, it has a generic term: polystyrene foam (or just “polystyrene”).

So next time someone asks you what ethafoam® is made of or how it was invented, you can answer confidently knowing that they are asking about a specific kind of foam that was created by Sealed Air Corporation and registered with the U.S. Patent Office as “ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer” or simply “ethylene vinyl acetate” for short!

A lot of the other things they make are pretty cool.

Did you know that the same people who make ethafoam also make some other things? Those other things are pretty cool. And they’re made in America. Some of them, like mats, are even made out of ethafoam!

But there’s no need to worry if you don’t want an accessory for your car or truck; they also sell all sorts of other products that are both useful and great quality.

The division that makes Ethafoam has been around for quite a while, and ethafoam has been around for even longer than that.

Ethafoam has been around for quite a while, and ethafoam has been around for even longer than that. Originally invented in the early 1960s by Sealed Air Corporation (Sealed Air Corporation), which would later become a division of Smurfit Stone Container Company of Dublin, Ireland (Smurfit Stone Container Company). The first product was called Ethafoam™ foam cushioning tape; it was made from polyethylene foam that had been melted into sheets. It wasn’t until 2000 when this company split into two separate companies: Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation and Sealed Air Corporation (Sealed Air Corporation).

Today, ethafoam is one of many products produced by Sealed Air Corporation. It’s also registered under their trademark name so no one else can steal your idea!

They are proud of their company and proud to be making Ethafoam.

They are proud of their company and proud to be making Ethafoam. They like to remind people that they are made in America and they like to remind people that Ethafoam is a great product.

They are proud of the fact that Ethafoam is a great product, because it keeps you warm, comfortable and safe. It also allows you to make your house look nice.

Ethafoam gives you peace-of-mind when buying furniture for your home or office space since it can last for many years without breaking or wearing down easily due to its high quality material.

Good old fashioned American pride.

Did you know that ethafoam is made in the USA?

That’s right, ethafoam is an American-made product. We’re a division of the Company, which has been around since 1964 and is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. We make our products right here in America—and we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years!

We consider ourselves lucky to be part of such a supportive community here in Colorado Springs. Our employees love coming to work every day knowing that their hard work contributes directly to this great city and its residents’ well-being.

We’re proud to support families from all over the country who rely on us for high quality ethafoam products every day!

The thing about being made in America is that people like to remind you about it, even if you already knew about it.

If you live in America and you’re reading this, then congratulations! You’re part of the most patriotic country in the world. We love our country so much that we even make foam for your seat cushions here at home. But don’t take our word for it—take a look at all these people who love ethafoam just as much as we do:

  • *”I’m proud of my cushions!” -Customer from Texas*
  • *”I’m proud to sit on ethafoam!” -Customer from Kansas*
  • *”I’m happy that ethafoam is made right here in the USA.” -Customer from Missouri

American stuff is cool!

American products are the best!

When you buy an American product, you are supporting an American family. When you support American families, you support America. So when you buy an American product, what you’re really doing is buying America and helping keep it great!

American families need your help to make ends meet. They skillfully craft their crafts in their homes and work hard every day so that they can continue to live here in this great country. We encourage all Americans to buy as many American-made products as possible so that we can continue our proud tradition of supporting our neighbors with quality goods made by people who share our values and beliefs about freedom for everyone no matter what color they are or where they come from or how much money they make (or don’t).


So there you have it, Ethafoam is a product of Sealed Air Corporation, and they are proud to be making it. Very proud. So proud that they even made a website just to tell you about how proud they are. I hope this article has been useful for you! Bye now!

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