10 Ways to Sleep Better With Memory Foam Mattresses

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A good night’s rest is a rare luxury these days. But with the right environment and tools, you can enjoy that all-important shuteye. Whether it’s your mattress, pillows, or linens that need an upgrade, here are 10 ways to sleep better on your memory foam mattress and get the most out of your beauty sleep.

Get the right temperature.

You can’t just keep your mattress at one temperature. Mattress temperatures should be flexible and comfortable, with the ability to change based on the weather or room temperature.

Some people like their mattresses cold and others like them warm, so it’s important to adjust your sleeping environment as needed. If you’re someone who likes a cool room, then you’ll want a mattress that won’t make you feel too hot while sleeping in your cooler bedroom. If you prefer warm rooms, then choose a memory foam mattress with more insulation properties – this will help keep your body heat inside of the bed so that it’s nice and cozy!

Either way: don’t worry about changing out of that top sheet because we’ve got everything covered here at [SITE]! We’ve put together some tips on how best to maintain good sleep hygiene habits; these include things like keeping consistent sleep patterns across weekdays or weekends (as well as avoiding stimulants such as caffeine close before bedtime). You should also be aware about potential allergens in both home environments (elderly pets) as well as external factors such as smoking near by cars parked outside windows during summer months due to increased ozone levels from exhaust fumes being vented outside into air conditioning vents thus causing higher indoor humidity levels than usual resulting in increased mold growth rates throughout houses which have poor ventilation systems installed within them making it harder for homeowners who don’t know any better when installing these types of HVAC systems into their homes initially because they’re usually sold by contractors who only offer cheap alternatives but aren’t aware themselves either because they haven’t done any research yet themselves either when being sold products such as duct cleaning services which may not necessarily need performed every year but rather only once every three years if ever depending upon how large size home is located under construction too heavily trafficked areas where dust particles get trapped inside walls cracks crevices corners etcetera… And finally: always remember that getting quality restful sleep means taking care yourself first before worrying

Set your mattress to be non-responsive.

You can set your mattress to be non-responsive, which is a good way to sleep better. This means that you won’t be able to feel any pressure points on the mattress. How you do this depends on what type of memory foam mattress you have and may vary between brands, but it often involves adjusting the settings of your bedframe so that it doesn’t press against the sides of the mattress if someone sits or lays down on it.

Why? Because when a soft surface presses against another soft surface (such as two mattresses), they will both yield and sink into each other instead of remaining rigid

Add a gentle rocking motion.

You can also add a gentle rocking motion to your bed with an adjustable mattress base. Just like the vibrating motor on your favorite electric toothbrush, these bases will gently rock you back and forth while you sleep. They’re available in all price ranges, but be sure and check reviews first to find one that has features that work well for you and is comfortable for your partner too (if applicable).

Mattress Toppers: Adding a memory foam topper is another way to create more comfort without having to replace your existing mattress entirely (which may be too expensive or difficult). Most memory foam mattresses come with two types of material: high density (standard) or low density (extra soft). The higher density will give you more support but also limit how much cushioning there is between you and the bed itself. Memory Foam Toppers are easy enough for most people who can lift things up off their chests without having heart attacks!

If none of these ideas work for you, try putting some pillows under your legs while laying down flat on the floor next time before going up into bed – this should help alleviate pressure points caused by sleeping at an incline angle instead of flat horizontally across both sides equally.

Listen to white noise.

  • White noise can help you sleep better.
  • White noise can help block out other noises.
  • White noise can help you sleep longer.
  • White noise can help you sleep deeper.

Use an aromatherapy diffuser.

Aromatherapy diffusers are a good way to add fragrance to the air, which can help you sleep better. They also have other benefits, such as helping with breathing problems, anxiety and stress. Some research suggests that they may even reduce depression symptoms.

You can use an aromatherapy diffuser while you’re awake or sleeping – there’s no reason not to switch off its light when it’s time for bed!

Opt for a smart mattress.

A smart mattress is one that monitors your sleep and adjusts itself accordingly. For example, a smart mattress can sense when you start to toss and turn and will raise or lower the surface to help you find the most comfortable position.

A smart mattress also has sensors in it that detect your movements while sleeping. These sensors will track how well you’re sleeping thanks to their ability to gauge how much time you spend in different phases of sleep (deep, light). This data can then be used by an app on your phone as well as by the mattress itself so that it can better adjust itself according to what kind of sleeper you are.

Put on a sleep mask.

Sometimes, the best way to get better sleep is when you’re not actually asleep. Sleep masks are a great way to help people fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. They also work great for daytime naps—like if you want a quick power nap in between meetings.

Sleep masks can be as simple as an eye pillow filled with lavender oil and cut in half, or they can be as elaborate as the ones found at Brookstone or Bed Bath & Beyond (which run upwards of $100). But any mask will do the trick: they block out light so that your brain thinks it’s nighttime again, making it easier for you to fall asleep during daylight hours or when there are too many lights on around you at night time.

Try a weighted blanket (if you don’t already have one).

A weighted blanket is a great way to relax, sleep better and feel more grounded. It’s essentially a weighted vest for your body! The weight can be as little as 5 pounds (1/4 lb per inch) or up to 25 pounds (1 lb per inch). If you’re looking for something heavier than that, we recommend reaching out to your doctor. You can also check out this article on how much weight should be in a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets can be used by people of all ages (even babies!), but they’re especially helpful for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome or sensory processing disorder (SPD). These conditions cause an over-reaction to stimuli like touch or sound while understimulating them at the same time—and weighted blankets can help improve sleep by using pressure on the body that helps regulate these reactions so you get good quality sleep throughout the night.

Upgrade your bed linens and pillows.

It’s a good idea to upgrade your bed linens and pillows. If your pillow is too soft, it will not support the natural position of your head and neck.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your pillows every 6-12 months and your bed linens every 2-3 years. When buying new linens or pillows, make sure they are made with high quality materials such as 100% cotton or natural latex (which has anti-microbial properties). Also look for fabrics that are easy to clean such as bamboo or linen because these fabrics tend to be more breathable than synthetic materials like polyester which trap moisture within them causing mildew growth over time.

It’s best to wash all bedding in warm water with a mild detergent like Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap . Front loading washing machines work best for both durability purposes as well as being kinder on the environment due their increased energy efficiency compared with top loaders which use more hot water during operation resulting in higher carbon emissions from energy production required for heating additional amounts consumed during washing cycles versus front loaders where less water temperature changes mean less energy consumed overall whether cold water used only once throughout entire cycle plus reduced wear & tear due lack need replace drum liner every few years instead just once every 5+ years saving money long term!

Use soothing sounds or music that don’t have words.

You can also use relaxing sounds or music. Try listening to rain, thunder, waves, or even a fan. The choice of music is up to you; just make sure it’s instrumental and doesn’t have words that might distract you from falling asleep. You may want something that’s a little more upbeat than this example (it’s kind of boring), but it’ll still help you drift off peacefully without any distractions if that’s what you’re looking for!

And finally…

The body rests best when it is comfortable, so take the time and add elements of comfort to your bed to improve your sleep quality.

The body rests best when it is comfortable, so take the time and add elements of comfort to your bed to improve your sleep quality.

  • Temperature: Your body has natural temperature fluctuations throughout the day, but one thing you can easily control is the temperature of your bedroom. Try keeping it at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) at night, which will help you feel relaxed and more ready for bed. If you have trouble sleeping with a fan on or prefer a cool room, an air conditioner can help keep things comfortable in summer months.
  • Non-responsive mattress: A non-responsive mattress provides just enough give for orthopedic support without allowing for any excessive bouncing or movement as you sleep. It allows your body to sink into its surface while also providing enough support so you’re not stuck in one position all night long! You can find these types of beds at most major retailers today—and some even come with their own cooling systems built right into their structure so that they’ll provide extra relief from heat during hot nights too.”


Memory foam mattresses are a great investment in your sleep health. There’s no reason to not test one out and experience the difference they can make in your night’s rest.

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