5 Ways to Recycle Foam Craft Pieces

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I have a very difficult time getting rid of any crafty things. I might use them someday! You never know what you’re going to want or need to make, right? It’s even harder when those craft supplies are foam pieces because they are so versatile. They can be used for just about everything and any shape or color that you could imagine. If you ever find yourself with leftover foam pieces, there are plenty of ways that you can recycle them into new projects and fun things to make with kids. See below for just a few ideas on how to reuse your leftover foam pieces and give them a second life as something new!

Recycle foam craft pieces that are not being used by using them in a different project.

While foam craft pieces are not being used in a project, you can use them to make home decorations or personal items. If you have some leftover foam stickers, you can create your own packing peanuts with them. You could also use the leftover bits of foam to make puzzle pieces if you like puzzles.

Make foam craft pieces that are no longer needed into home decorations.

  • Make your own packing peanuts. Why use styrofoam when you can use foam craft pieces? You can reuse them over and over again, which means less waste!
  • Create new puzzle pieces for children to keep them entertained. If you have any leftover foam craft pieces, why not turn them into a fun puzzle game for your kids to play with? The possibilities are endless!
  • Add some autumnal flair by creating DIY wreaths or fall-themed decorations with foam pieces. It’s another great way to repurpose spent items and make room in your home for something new!

Use foam to make your own packing peanuts so you don’t have to use styrofoam.

  • Use foam to make your own packing peanuts so you don’t have to use styrofoam.
  • If you have foam sheets that are no longer being used, cut them into smaller pieces and use them as packing peanuts.

Make your own puzzle pieces to keep children entertained.

Make your own puzzle pieces to keep children entertained.

  • Use leftover foam craft pieces and make a template for the design you want to cut out of the foam sheet.
  • Cut out each shape from the sheet and glue them together with a hot glue gun.
  • Glue one side of your puzzle piece onto the background, then flip it over and glue the other side on there so it can’t be taken off easily by little hands. If you’re working with little ones who might not be able to grasp this concept just yet, skip this step until they understand how puzzles work (or just make sure they don’t get too close).

You can recycle foam craft pieces into leaves for a DIY wreath or fall-themed decorations.

You may have noticed that our wreath has no leaves on it. There’s a reason for that—and the answer is, we didn’t want to put any leaves on it! You see, we already had some foam craft pieces and decided to use those instead of buying new or fake ones.

You can recycle foam craft pieces into leaves for a DIY wreath or fall-themed decorations. Just simply cut out your desired shape with scissors and adhere it onto your project with hot glue or double-sided tape (we used both).

I will never get rid of leftover foam craft supplies again!

While it is true that foam craft pieces can be reused, there are actually many different ways to recycle foam craft pieces. It all depends on what you want to do with them and your creativity level. You don’t need any special skills or tools, either!

Of course, the number one way to recycle leftover foam craft supplies is by using them for other projects. For example:

  • If you have any leftover pieces of foam, they can be used as packing peanuts (like those ones you get in boxes when buying something online). Just cut them into squares or triangles and tape a few together so they form an odd shape; now your package will be covered in fluffy packing material! Or if you want something that looks more professional-looking than just packing peanuts, try making puzzle pieces out of the leftover scraps! They’ll make fun gifts for family members or friends who like doing puzzles at home—and then when they’re done playing with them later on down the road (or maybe even months later), the puzzle will remind them about how thoughtful and generous their gift was made by someone else’s hard work 🙂 And if neither option sounds appealing enough yet still want another way to reuse those scraps… well…


Recycling foam craft pieces is an easy way to reuse old items that you no longer want. It’s also fun and easy for kids!

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