DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze Review

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Think Memory Foam Makes You Overheat? Think Again!

As you well know (or maybe not if you have jumped straight to this review when finding my website), I am an avid lover of all types of memory foam mattresses. Well, I do have my favorite but doesn’t everyone? For this review, I’m going to tell you all about the Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze 12 inch.

What might have caught your eye is the fact that the manufacturer has placed an emphasis on that age-old complaint I come across a lot with memory foam mattresses – added heat.

DynastyMattress GEL Memory Foam Mattress

DynastyMattress 12-Inch New Cool Breeze
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How This Has Been Tackled

You might not know, but all memory foam mattresses are made up of layers, and that’s where Dynasty Mattress has made it “all happenâ€. When you strip down what’s inside, this is what you get. At the bottom, there are 5 inches of high-density base foam which helps with support. Above that, you have two layers of 2-inch cool airflow foam and that’s all topped with a 3-inch layer of gel foam.

It’s the state of the art cool airflow and gel foam that makes this mattress one of the best when it comes to making sure you don’t overheat when you sleep, and the manufacturer has done a fine job with mixing this with the support you only get with memory foam technology. In fact, for the price, you won’t find many other mattresses like this that use a four-layer construction.

So, now you know this model won’t leave you with your legs hanging out overnight because you’re too warm, let’s move on to some other features and considerations you should know about.

Upon Arrival

When you first receive this mattress it will be rolled and vacuum packed, and unless you have organized for the person delivering it to place it in the room you intend to use it, expect to be able to move about 80lbs (since this is the shipping weight).

I would suggest that you make sure the base you want to use is already prepared prior to arrival so you can place the mattress straight onto its new home and unpack from there. Of course, as with pretty much all mattresses that use memory foam you will need to give it time to decompress.

I haven’t come across many complaints about the “outgas†smell you can get with some models, but if you are sensitive to this make sure the room is well aired. You should also make sure you allow at least 72 hours for it to decompress completely. If you don’t you might not get the best for your money.

The Initial Experience

What’s tricky is that DynastyMattress has given this model a comfort rating of “medium-firmâ€, but you should expect to give it some time before you really get used to it (especially if you’re moving from a more traditional type of mattress to memory foam). For some, it can take a few weeks before the “too firm†feel subsides.

That said, the overwhelming majority of people who buy this mattress would never go back after using it for two or three months, and it has received favorable reviews in terms of easing general aches and pains right from the off.


This mattress comes in several sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Full XL and if that wasn’t enough you can also buy it in Twin XL, RV Short King, and Short Queen.
Depending on which size you opt for the manufacturer has included between one and two free gel-filled pillows using the same technology and they match the mattress. The mattress itself is CertiPUR-US certified and has a fire barrier fabric on the outside. You also have the benefit of a washable cover (complete with zipper) but the best bit is you get a 120-day trial PLUS a 20-year warranty, which isn’t easy to come by in this price range.

Sure, this may not be the cheapest memory foam mattress of its type on the market, but I’m certainly not talking thousands of dollars either.
If you want to know more, take a look at what customers have to say on Amazon. You’ll find some very interesting deals on the list price as well!

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