Meet Thick Foam the Street Art Photographer

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In 2010, Thick Foam the Street Art Photographer was inspired by his first glimpse of street art. Since then, he’s pursued his passion for photography in earnest and honed his craft. Today, Thick Foam’s work is known throughout the community of street artists as high quality and top notch. He doesn’t focus on himself or any one artist; instead, he sees all street artists as artists. When it comes to presenting his work, Thick Foam has a stylized aesthetic that makes every photo look clean and polished—he even designs each frame himself! In short: Thick Foam isn’t just a photographer—he’s a storyteller with a lens…

His passion for photography began in 2010.

Thick Foam is a street art photographer with a passion for storytelling. His photography is inspired by the stories of artists, and he strives to tell their stories through his lens.

His passion for photography began in 2010 when he first witnessed a Banksy mural in London. He was inspired by the artist’s ability to transform public spaces into works of art that people could interact with, and thus started his own journey as a photographer.

He has been inspired by many street artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey (Obey), Swoon and JR (Jeu de Paume). When asked why these artists inspire him so much he said: “They’re masters at engaging audiences both on an aesthetic level as well as on an emotional one.”

Thicker Than Water is his first series of street art photos.

Thicker Than Water is his first series of street art photos. The collection includes images of urban graffiti, stencil art and wheatpastes that he has captured in the past decade. It’s available as a book on Amazon with more than 200 pages (including over 30 full-page color photos) or as an ebook for $9.99 on iBooks/Apple Books and Google Play Books/Google eBookstore

In his work, Thick Foam does not focus on the artists themselves.

Thick Foam wants his photos to be an experience for the viewer, rather than just a documentation of the art itself. He is not interested in being known as a photographer who specializes in street art or graffiti photography. Neither is he interested in becoming famous through his work. His focus is on telling stories with his photos, and presenting them as stylized images that are different from what other photographers have done.

He sees all street artists as artists.

He sees all street artists as artists.

He is not a graffiti artist, but a graffiti artist.

He is not an urban artist or muralist, but an urban artist and muralist.

In a sense, he’s a storyteller.

In a sense, he’s a storyteller.

He tells stories of the artists and their work, like when he toured the streets of Paris with the artist Nabil and documented his process in making one of his iconic paintings. He also tells stories of the communities that the art is part of, such as when he visited Baltimore to photograph some murals that had been created after riots broke out following Freddie Gray’s death in police custody. And finally, he tells stories of the neighborhoods where these pieces are displayed, such as this series on Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood that was featured in Time Out Magazine earlier this year.

He has a stylized aesthetic and is careful to present his work with it.

Thick Foam is careful to present his work with a stylized aesthetic. He does this by using a color palette that consists of warm tones, and he also applies those colors in a way that gives the impression of movement. Thick Foam’s street art photography style is characterized by softness in the foreground and background, which makes it appear as if you can almost walk right into his photos.

Thick Foam uses patterns as well as geometric shapes in order to create an environment that feels inviting and engaging. In fact, Thick Foam has said that one major inspiration for using these elements was his desire to create spaces where people could spend time alone or experience something new with other people around them

Thick Foam the Street Art Photographer is a storyteller with a lens.

Thick Foam the Street Art Photographer is a storyteller with a lens. His work is a reflection of his own life and what he’s seen over the years, like most photographers do when they take pictures. But Thick Foam, or simply Thick as he prefers to be called, has been shooting since before he could walk, so it only makes sense that he would have a unique perspective on things.

His dedication to photography has taken him all over the world, bringing him into contact with amazing artists and their creations. He travels constantly with his camera in hand looking for great shots, but also just spending time with people who inspire him and sharing stories along the way.


It’s easy to see how Thick Foam the Street Art Photographer found his passion in photography, and it shows in his work. He has a heart for storytelling and a stylized aesthetic that makes his work stand out among other street art photographers. His dedication to telling stories makes him an inspirational artist with whom we can all identify.

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