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In this short blog post, we’ll be talking about some basics of Styrofoam. Let’s take a look at what’s out there in terms of the blue and pink foam that is available to purchase.

Styrofoam is a trademarked brand of closed cell extruded polystyrene foam which is commonly used as insulation and for craft applications.

Styrofoam is a trademarked brand of closed cell extruded polystyrene foam which is commonly used as insulation and for craft applications. It is also available in blue and pink colors, which are called blue foam or pink foam respectively.

Styrofoam is made from petroleum products, so it’s not biodegradable like a lot of other plastics are.

It’s good that you asked about the difference between styrofoam and blue/pink foam because there can be some confusion about what these terms mean!

The material is now abundantly used because of it’s versatility and low cost.

Styrofoam is a versatile material that’s cheap, easy to cut and glue, easy to paint, and easy to sand. It is also a good insulator.

This makes it ideal for constructing models or props that require a lightweight but sturdy material. In addition, styrofoam can be used as an alternative to wood when making furniture or other objects that require strength without adding too much weight (such as tables).

Styrofoam sheets and blocks can be purchased in blue and pink colors for crafting.

Styrofoam blocks and sheets can be purchased in blue, pink, or white. Blue is the most common color for both these products. Pink is also a popular choice for consumers who want to make crafts with their kids, as pink foam is often used to create flowers and other decorations for parties and special occasions. The availability of both colors makes it easy for shoppers to find the right product for their needs.

Many people like to use styrofoam blocks when building models or props because they’re lightweight but sturdy enough to support most projects that require strength over flexibility. Some people even use them as an alternative material when building things out of wood because they’re less expensive than lumber!

Styrofoam sheets are useful not just because they can be recycled but also because they provide several advantages over other types of materials: firstly, they’re more cost effective; secondly, they don’t absorb moisture so there’s no chance your project could get ruined by water damage; finally (and perhaps most importantly), these sheets come in many different sizes so you can get exactly what size works best depending on what type of project you need them for!

Many people like to use styrofoam in their craft projects.

There are many reasons that people like to use styrofoam in their craft projects. Styrofoam is a good material for crafting, and it’s also cheap and easy to work with.

Styrofoam is a good material for making models and sculptures because it’s lightweight, but still strong enough to hold up your project. It doesn’t bend or break easily either, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your pieces when handling them (unless they’re extremely delicate).


The best thing about styrofoam is that it’s safe to use without any special precautions. If you’re not sure what type of foam it’s made from, check out this article on the subject! Here at Styrofoam Shop we love making things out of blue and pink sheets like our famous Pink Heart Ornaments which are perfect for Valentine’s Day or as gifts anytime during the year. You’ll find all kinds of great ideas here too including how-to guides on how to make a flower pot using only three simple tools: scissors, glue gun (or hot glue) and your imagination!”

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