Natural Pressure-Relieving Comfort with our Breatheable Foam

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At [brand], we’ve been researching and developing our proprietary foam for years. What makes it so special? Well, from the open cell structure of the foam cells to the minimal heat retention, our foam is engineered to be comfortable and supportive no matter what your sleeping style or body type. So, let’s take a look at some of the key features that make our breathable foam so revolutionary.

Maximal Airflow

We have a unique foam that is different from other foams on the market. It’s called Breatheable Foam and it provides pressure relief and motion transfer reduction, which are two major benefits for any mattress owner.

  • How do we make it?

We use a special process to manufacture our foam that allows it to breathe more than traditional mattresses, which means your body will be able to breathe easier while you sleep. This also helps with keeping your body temperature regulated throughout the night as well as reducing allergens from getting into the mattress (which are often found in some of those cheap mattresses).

  • How does this benefit me?

The best part about our product is how much comfort it provides! The Breatheable Foam supports you in all the right places so that you get better support when getting out of bed or sitting up at night – which means less pain overall during these movements throughout the day/night cycle of life…

Perfect Foam Consistency

So, what is foam consistency? Simply put, it’s the amount of air that’s contained in a foam mattress. The more air there is in the mattress, the less solid it feels—it gives you that cushy feeling when you sit or lay on it. This is also why you can see through some mattresses—they have so much air that they’re transparent!

That being said, there are other factors at play here: if your mattress has too little air content and no give whatsoever when you press into it with your hands (even this feels like pressing into a rock), then that means there isn’t enough cushioning for proper support from below. On top of that, if your bed doesn’t have any give at all under your body weight when sleeping—not even at night when we’re totally relaxed—that means no matter how hard we try to get comfortable during our sleep cycles (and often fail) because there isn’t enough give in our mattresses for support.”

Open Cell Foam Structure

Open cell foam works by allowing air to flow through it, so you don’t get that feeling of being completely enclosed in a bed. It’s like being on a hammock! But this doesn’t mean that the foam won’t provide any support—it still does a good job of supporting your body weight. In fact, in many cases, open cell foam can actually provide better support than some traditional mattresses because it conforms more easily to the shape of your body and creates small pressure points that relieve pain while you sleep. This is why we recommend our product for those with chronic back pain or other joint pains caused by pressure on those joints while lying down at night.

We also use open cell technology in our comfort layers because it helps with breathability: when heat builds up inside your mattress due to friction between sheets or clothing against skin surfaces (think sweaty nights), this layer keeps cool air flowing through without letting any moisture build up inside of it so there’s no chance for mold growth! That means no more waking up in damp sheets when humidity levels rise outside our windows during summer months…and no more funky odors from stale sweat either! It’ll just smell like fresh-cut grass instead 🙂

Green Tea Infused Foam

Green tea is not just known for its taste. It has also been proven to be a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. In addition to these properties, green tea has shown promise in helping with weight loss as well as providing relief from allergies and asthma. Green tea contains polyphenols which are responsible for its many health benefits – specifically the catechin antioxidants it contains (such as EGCG).

  • Anti-inflammatory: Studies have shown that consuming high amounts of flavonoids (like those found in green tea) can reduce inflammation by reducing proinflammatory mediators like cytokines and nitric oxide.
  • Anti-microbial: Its antimicrobial activity makes it useful for treating bacterial infections such as acne or rashes caused by staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Minimal Heat Retention

When you sleep on a mattress with our foam, you are sure to notice the breathability of the product. The reason for this is because we use a material that is not too warm or cold. The foam itself is made from a breathable fabric and has been designed to keep you in an ideal temperature range while you rest. This means that when you lay down on it, you will not feel too hot or sweaty during the night; nor will it make your body feel too chilly when your body temperature drops off at night time.

Minimal Motion Transfer

While you are sleeping, your body is constantly shifting and moving. When that happens, the mattress should not transfer all of those motions to you; it needs to have some sort of motion isolation feature so the motion doesn’t get transferred through the foam layers too much.

  • Breatheable Foam: Our Breatheable Foams are comfortable, breathable and durable, but also eco-friendly! As an added bonus for our customers who want to support sustainable products, these foams help reduce landfill waste by using less virgin materials than traditional foams do.

Six key features of the foam that our products are made from.

There are six key features of the foam that our products are made from:

  • Maximal airflow. The foam allows for maximum airflow, which helps you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night!
  • Perfect foam consistency. The perfect density means that your head will be supported just enough to relieve pressure points without being too soft or too hard.
  • Open cell structure. This allows air to flow through the surface of the pillow more easily, so you breathe better when you sleep on it at night!
  • Green tea infused foam. Our green tea infusion process helps reduce odor caused by sweat while also giving us a unique flavor profile in our products!


We know there’s a lot to consider when shopping for a new mattress. And that’s why we’re committed to making the whole process easier, by providing all of the information you need in one place. The foam we use is designed with softness and comfort in mind, while also being incredibly durable and supportive—all while being perfectly responsive so that you can move throughout your sleep without disturbance from the mattress itself. Whether it comes down to a single feature or the whole package, at the end of the day our foam is just good for you!

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