The Ten Best Backpacker Hostels In Europe

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As a broke college student, I first embraced the concept of hostels when I was studying abroad in Europe. That’s where I discovered that you can get a comfortable place to sleep, even if you don’t have much money or any connections. And don’t worry: You won’t be sleeping on the floor, sharing a room with strangers. Although hostels are known for being cheap and communal and have historically been favorites among backpackers, they’ve evolved into so much more over the last decade or so. Today’s hostels aren’t just for travelers on a shoestring budget—they’re an exciting way to stay in an unfamiliar city at an affordable price with loads of perks that make it convenient for solo travelers who want to save money but still meet people.

1. KEX Hostel, Reykjavik, Iceland

KEX Hostel, Reykjavik, Iceland

The KEX Hostel is located in central Reykjavik and has a very convenient location. If you’re wondering where to stay in town, this is it! Just a short walk away from the famous Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre and Tjörnin Lake (the pond), which offers great views of the city. The hostel has everything you need for an incredible stay: friendly staff members that will help you with anything you need; comfortable beds in single rooms or dorms; a kitchen area for those who want to cook their own meals; free Wi-Fi throughout the property; towels are provided for use at any time during your stay here too!

There’s also plenty going on around here so we recommend checking out what they have going on while staying at this hostel. They often have live music and DJ sessions happening throughout each night so make sure not miss out on any fun times while visiting!

2. Wombats City Hostel, Vienna, Austria

At Wombats City Hostel, you can choose between private rooms or dormitories. The hostel is located in the center of Vienna, close to the main train station, which makes it easy to get around. There is also a bar and common room with a TV and free Wi-Fi.

3. Freehand Hotel & Hostel, Miami, Florida

Freehand is a new hostel in Miami, located right in the heart of downtown. This hostel is full of young travelers and offers a fun atmosphere that makes it easy to meet new people.

Freehand also has some great amenities such as free coffee and tea all day, a kitchen for you to cook in, an internet lounge with plenty of outlets so you can charge your devices (and maybe even download some movies on Netflix), lockers big enough to fit all your gear, 24 hour reception service, laundry facilities and more!

4. The Flying Pig Uptown, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • The Flying Pig Uptown, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Flying Pig is located in the De Baarsjes neighborhood of Amsterdam and features a number of facilities, including a terrace and free WiFi. The hostel also provides guests with luggage storage, a shared lounge area and laundry facilities.

Crowded House Hostel – Prague is just 400m from Old Town Square while Charles Bridge is 600m away. Vyšehrad Castle is 1 km from Crowded House Hostel – Prague while National Museum is 1 km away. Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) is 32km away.

5. Bobo’s Hostel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Bobo’s Hostel in Buenos Aires is a great place for backpackers, solo travelers and couples. It has a good location and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The rooms are clean and comfortable with free Wi-Fi access. The breakfast is also included in your stay which is always a bonus!

This hostel is located in Recoleta, close to Plaza San Martin where there are plenty of restaurants and bars that you can explore during your stay here. Bobos Hostel also has an on site bar where you can meet fellow travellers or just relax after a long day exploring this wonderful city!

6. Generator Hostels, Multiple locations in Europe

If you’re looking for a hostel that offers the best of all worlds, look no further than Generator. What makes this chain stand out from the crowd is its fantastic vibe—it’s full of friendly travelers, who are always on hand to tell you where to eat or drink in town. The hostels themselves are clean and safe, located in excellent locations (generally close to metro stations). They have great facilities and a party atmosphere, with plenty of activities organized by staff—including ping pong tournaments and movie nights!

Generator also has a reputation for being one of the most eco-friendly chains in Europe: each one features an impressive recycling system that uses water pressure instead of electricity (so there’s no power needed) to compress trash into neat little cubes before sending it off onto more sustainable ends.

7. Samesun Backpackers Hostel, Multiple locations in Canada and the United States

A rooftop terrace and a great location are two of the best things about this hostel. It’s also very clean, with lots of activities going on at all hours, and they serve a great breakfast (that you can eat in your room). The staff is friendly and helpful and the guests are fun too! It’s affordable, safe and comfortable.

8. Wombats City Hostel Munich The Ludwig, Munich, Germany

Located in Munich, this Wombats hostel is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a clean, friendly and safe hostel. The location of this hostel is ideal if you want to be near the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) or just want to explore some of the top attractions in Munich.

The best part about this hostel is its price – it’s cheap! The rooms are spacious but small for the number of people staying there, but don’t let that discourage you from booking your stay here. You can choose between four different types of rooms based on your needs: private twin room with en-suite bathroom; private double room with en-suite bathroom; dormitory with 6 beds; dormitory with 8 beds (located on the upper floor). All rooms include free Wi-Fi access as well as free towels and linens provided by housekeeping services every day!

The facilities at Wombats City Hostel The Ludwig include an outdoor terrace where guests can meet up before heading out into town together during happy hour (5pm – 7pm), self-catering kitchenette area equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and sinks so they’ll have everything they need within reach while still having budget friendly meals as well if needed!”

9. The Camino Real Hotel Espanol Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico

The Camino Real Hotel Espanol Guadalajara is located in the historical center of Guadalajara, and is close to the Plaza de Armas. The hotel has a rooftop terrace with views of the city, as well as a beautiful courtyard with fountains and sculptures. It also has a bar and restaurant, swimming pool and gym (with sauna), laundry service available for guests who want to travel light but still want their clothes cleaned during their stay.

10. My Fav Backpackers Hostel in Madrid, Spain

  • This hostel is not cheap, but it’s a good value for the price you pay.
  • You can meet other travelers here and make friends with them.
  • The hostel is in a great location and has easy access to public transportation. It’s close to some of Madrid’s most popular attractions such as Plaza Mayor and Gran Via Street Mall.
  • The atmosphere at this place is very relaxed, yet exciting because there are always new people coming through at any given time of day/night!

You can stay at a cheap hostel while traveling without sacrificing quality or friendliness

You can stay at a cheap hostel while traveling without sacrificing quality or friendliness. Hostels are great places to meet people, and they’re usually cheaper than hotels. Once you get there, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fellow travelers who share your love for exploration and adventure—and who might even become lifelong friends!

Save money on your next trip by checking out these ten best backpacking hostels in Europe:


The above list provides a few of the best hostels in Europe. This list is not exhaustive and there are many more options available to backpackers of all ages.

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