We Move Around In A Soft Foam World

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In the human world, we can’t go very far without encountering some type of foam. For instance, when you buy a new computer or television, it’s likely to be packaged in foam peanuts to protect against damage during shipping. Doing yoga requires a good foam mat for protecting your hands and feet from hard floors. Car seats are made of dense foams that keep you safe during collisions and reduce vibration on bumpy roads. At home, you probably have foam furniture, with cushions that make seating comfortable and pillows that cradle your head at night. Even small everyday items like coffee mugs use insulating foams to keep liquids warm or cold longer. In other words, our lives are all about softness!


We move around in a soft foam world. If you’re not familiar with foams, they are porous materials that can be either solid or liquid-based, but which have the ability to return to their original shape after being compressed. Most of us have played with foam packing peanuts or bean bag chairs at some point—that’s what I mean by “soft” foam.

In recent years we have seen more and more products coming out made from these materials: pillows, mattresses and even car seats are now made from foams! What does this mean for you? Well…

Takeaway: We Move Around In A Soft Foam World

You walk out of your front door, and you’re surrounded by a world made of soft foam. You inhale and exhale as if breathing in and out of a pillow. The air is warm, but not hot or cold. You don’t see any other people on the street—it’s just you, surrounded by the soft foam.

You think about how this all began one morning when you woke up to find yourself inside a giant bin full of polystyrene beads and packing peanuts. A few hours later you were being vacuum sealed into another container with similar contents: more polystyrene beads and packing peanuts than anyone could ever possibly want or need in their lives combined. Your body was engulfed in this material as it enveloped both your head, torso and limbs leaving only your hands free to examine the outside world through gaps between small plastic pellets which could be felt but not seen through because they were opaque white with no shine whatsoever reflecting back from within them like little mirrors when held up against light sources such as sunbeams coming through windows made entirely out completely transparent plastic sheeting sticking up against wall surfaces everywhere around us right now too!


It is amazing to think that all the space around us is filled with this invisible soft foam and we are just floating in it. And since we have gravity, it means that space itself has a substance.

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