Why You Should Use Foam Blocks Building Toys

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Block play makes you smarter, helps develop fine motor skills, boosts creativity, and is just plain fun. You’ve probably read before about how important toys are for children as they grow up. But did you know that playing with foam blocks has a whole host of benefits for your child’s development?

Foam blocks are a safe alternative to other types of toys.

Foam blocks are a safe alternative to other types of toys. They are soft and lightweight, so they won’t hurt your child’s fingers or toes (or, for that matter, any other body part). They’re also easy to clean and store; you can simply toss them in an area where they will be out of the way while not being tossed around by a toddler! And if you have multiple children playing with them at once, there’s no need to worry about someone getting hurt by bumping into another child.

These foam building toys are also safe because they don’t break easily like some plastic or wooden toys do. This means that even if your kids drop them onto the ground from a great height (or throw them), nothing will happen except perhaps getting dirty if there was dirt on the floor before hand!

Kids can build a variety of things with foam blocks.

Kids can build a variety of things with foam blocks. They are very flexible and allow children to use their imagination. Kids can build houses, cars, boats and whatever else they want. They can also decorate their creations with colorful paints.

It’s important for kids to have toys that let them play outdoors because it helps them develop motor skills and social skills as well as learn how big the world is. Foam blocks are great for this because they are easy for kids to carry around outside so they can take them anywhere!

Foam blocks encourage creativity and imagination.

Foam blocks have been around for a long time, and they’re still popular because they are a great way to encourage creativity in children. Creativity is important for many aspects of life, and it’s something that can be developed with practice and encouragement. When children play with foam blocks, they will be able to develop their creativity skills through the different ways that the blocks can be used together. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create from these simple building toys!

Foam blocks are a great way to encourage your child’s fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills are the small movements of your hands and fingers. Fine motor skills are important for many tasks, including writing and cutting. Fine motor skills can be improved through play. Foam blocks are a great way to help children improve their fine motor skills because the blocks require them to move the blocks around on a flat surface in order to build with them.

By building with foam blocks, children will also be learning about spatial relationships between objects such as how far apart two pieces need to be if they want to make an object stand up straight or how big an object needs to be so it can fit inside another object.

Foam blocks can be used to practice math skills.

  • Kids can learn to count, add, and subtract.
  • Kids can practice measuring, fractions, and geometry.
  • They are great for practicing geometry by building shapes like squares or rectangles.
  • Foam blocks can be used to create patterns on the walls and floors of your home. You could also use them to make art projects for your walls!
  • Children will love creating unique designs with these fun toys!

Foam blocks teach kids the skills they need to become engineers and architects.

If you have children and are looking to give them a toy that will help them learn some important skills, then foam blocks are one of the greatest toys you could buy. Foam blocks teach kids how to build things, but they also teach them about engineering and architecture. By using these toys, children can learn all sorts of things about building structures like houses and skyscrapers.

For example, when kids play with foam blocks they’ll often create buildings similar to real-world houses or other buildings such as office buildings or hotels. If your child creates a house out of foam blocks, he will be able to see how different kinds of materials are needed in order for it stand up against wind and rain. If your child wants his structure to look like an office building then he might need stronger materials such as steel beams in order for it not collapse under its own weight from being too tall!

Another thing that’s great about playing with these types of toys is that they teach kids how complex engineering processes work together so that we can live comfortably without fear of getting crushed by our own homes falling down on us every time there’s an earthquake…and this isn’t even getting into what happens if there was something like an nuclear warhead exploding right above our heads – luckily though (?) nobody has ever done this before so we’ll just stick with earthquakes since those seem much less likely than nukes 😉

Block play makes you smarter, helps develop fine motor skills, boosts creativity, and is just plain fun!

Block play is a great way to stimulate your child’s imagination. Because the blocks are flat and plain, kids can use their imaginations to turn them into anything they want. If you give them one block, they might create a car or boat; if you give them two blocks, they could make an airplane or building; with three or more blocks, their options are endless!

Block play is also wonderful for encouraging fine motor skills in children. By placing the foam blocks on top of each other and then pulling them apart again (or stacking them on top of each other), kids develop their hand strength and coordination in addition to having fun!

Finally, block play is a fantastic way to develop math skills in children because it encourages counting (one-two-three…) as well as shape recognition (triangle…square…circles).


Block play makes you smarter, helps develop fine motor skills, boosts creativity, and is just plain fun! We’re pretty sure that’s reason enough to go out and pick up a set of your own blocks. Don’t worry about being too old for them either – we hear plenty of adults enjoy playing with blocks as well. They make great gifts for children of all ages or anyone who likes to learn through play.

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