5 No-Cost DIY Holiday Decorations You Can Make Right Now

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Whether you’re an expert crafter or just a DIY novice, there are plenty of ways to create stylish holiday decorations without spending a lot of money. The supplies are readily available, and the hard part is already done for you: All you need is some time and patience.

It’s a family thing.

Family time is an important part of the holidays. It’s a great time to bond with family and friends, your kids will learn new skills and have fun doing it.

When the weather gets cold and you’re looking for a last-minute craft to do with the kids, consider exploring the basics of sewing.

When the weather gets cold and you’re looking for a last-minute craft to do with the kids, consider exploring the basics of sewing.

Sewing is one of those skills that can be practiced at any age, from kindergarten through adulthood. It’s a great hobby for kids and adults alike—and it’s also something that can be put on your résumé! You can use sewing as an outlet for creativity and self-expression, or as a way to make gifts for friends and family members. You can even use your newfound skill to turn old clothes into new ones!

You don’t have to break the bank to get these holiday decorations made by hand.

First and foremost, you can save money by making your own decorations. Many of the materials you’ll need for these crafts are readily available at home or in your local dollar store. The cost of the materials is often less than buying store-bought items, especially if you keep an eye out for bargains on sale or clearance sales and coupons during key shopping times (e.g., back-to-school).

Secondly, making things yourself can be fun and rewarding! You will also feel good about knowing that every item was made with love by someone who cares deeply about you or your family members. And finally—bonus points!—you get to give these homemade gifts away as presents during the holidays!

Find inexpensive supplies and free patterns online.

  • Find inexpensive supplies and free patterns online. There are hundreds of websites that offer free patterns, including Craftsy and Etsy. You can also find a wealth of ideas for making your own DIY decorations by searching Pinterest and Etsy.
  • Go to the dollar store for supplies like tissue paper or glitter, which you can use to add sparkle to your holiday decorating project!
  • Visit a thrift store (or even better: find an old book at home) to find interesting books whose pages could be cut up into shapes that can be used as decorative items or wreaths around your house during this time of year!

The stitch that gives this pattern its name is also a fun way to decorate your home.

If you’re looking for a project that will take your home from drab to fab, you’ve come to the right place. I am so excited to share this simple DIY stitch with you! The blanket stitch is an easy stitch that anyone can do using a sewing machine or by hand. It is also easy enough that beginners can learn it and apply it in their own sewing projects! Even if you have never sewn before, this tutorial will show you how to make this lovely decorative detail.

DIY projects are fun, rewarding and make great gifts.

DIY projects are fun, rewarding, and make great gifts. They’re especially welcome if you’re on a tight budget—there’s no need to spend money on decorations when you can make them yourself! These 5 no-cost DIY holiday decorations will make your home feel extra festive and ready for the holidays. And they’ll be great gifts for friends and family too!

  • Make these cute paper chain ornaments as gifts for kids (or adults!).
  • Make these snowflake garland with your kids or grandkids (or enjoy it yourself).
  • Make this cute wreath by yourself or get the whole family involved in decorating it with some glue sticks.
  • Use up scraps of fabric to make a quilt that doubles as an accent piece during the winter months (and beyond!).


I hope these ideas have inspired you to get your creative juices flowing for the holidays and beyond. There’s nothing like a handmade gift to remind someone of the time you spent making it or how much they mean to you. So take some time this week to make something with your hands – no matter how little skill or experience you have!

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