Not Just a Condom Alternative How plastazote helps with cardiac health too!

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“Plastazote” sounds like it should be the name of an alien race in a science fiction movie. But those sound effects are just from the “plastic” and the “foam.” It’s actually a useful polymer that is used in a variety of ways. In this blog post, we’ll focus on its use in cardiac health, but plastazote is also used as an alternative to latex condoms, as well as a liner for prosthetics.

Just how many people suffer from heart problems?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. In fact, it’s a top-five killer in at least 23 countries around the world. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to prevent heart disease from happening in your life — and what you can do if you have a family history of cardiovascular problems.

Plastazote for the Heart

Plastazote is a material that is softer than latex, but firmer than silicone. It’s used in the medical industry to make orthopedic supports and other medical products. Plastazote is also used in heart surgery because it’s strong enough to hold up against blood pressure, yet flexible enough to conform to a patient’s chest cavity during surgery.

Sounds Great, but What’s the Catch?

Plastazote is a great material, but it isn’t perfect. While plastazote is known to have many health benefits, there are some people who can’t use it. For example:

  • If you have any allergies to latex products or natural rubber latex, then plastazote may not be for you.
  • If you are pregnant and are experiencing heart problems, speak to your doctor before using plastazote condoms.

Could it be a small chance to get into a home of your own in the future?

You’re probably thinking, “But it’s not exactly accessible for me to go buy a bunch of plastazote and build my own house right now. I don’t want to be homeless and have to sleep on the street!” Well, that’s a good point. There is one way you could get into your own home though: if someone gives you one!

While this article is mostly about how plastazote can help people with heart disease, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s an ideal material for building houses because it is strong but lightweight, so less material needs to be used in construction. This means that affordable housing units can be built using less labor and materials; it also means fewer greenhouse gas emissions from transportation because there are no trucks or trains needed for transporting heavy materials such as concrete blocks or bricks.

Not Just a Condom Alternative: How plastazote helps with cardiac health too! : A blog about plastazote and how it can help heart health.

But it can do so much more. Plastazote is a sponge that is used to make products like condoms and blood bags. It’s also used in many ways by doctors and nurses to help people who have heart conditions. Here’s how:

  • Plastazote can be used as part of your cardiac rehabilitation program. This means using plastazote at home to help strengthen the muscles around your heart, which helps it beat more efficiently.
  • You can also use plastazote to help with recovery from surgery or another health condition that affects the heart muscle itself (like angina). Using plastazote after surgery can shorten healing time and reduce complications.*


We all have to make sacrifices, but maybe one day you can say that the sacrifice was worth it and you will be living in your own home with the love of your life. This blog is about a great new way to help with heart health and is also an opportunity for you to get into the real estate market!

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